Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Drake Road Races Half Marathon 2019

I can do hard things, and I'm quite grateful for the ability to do so.

Case in point - a tough, hilly 13.1-mile jaunt, that had most of my muscles aching (at least from the waist-down). Not only did my body ache, but my mouth was dry. And I was mucho tired at the end.

And I'd do it all over again.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Waiting ...it has its Rewards

Sometimes, the simple act of waiting has its advantages.

Case in point : this past week (at least in terms of weather, DOMS and running).

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Spring Races...A Few Of My Iowa Favorites

Spring is in the air, and it's time to go racing!

Although I do not consider myself a competitive racer, it's no secret that I love pinning on a race bib.

After all, why not? Spring is a great time to test out the legs and the lungs, as well as one's endurance. After several months of cold weather running (or, in my case this year, indoor training), it's fun to see what my body can do in an outdoor setting among masses of other runners.

Even though I'm always on the search for new events to explore, there are a few nearby races that I usually do every year. Each of these has its own individual nuances, making each experience on the race course feel like a new adventure every year.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Recovery: Take 2!

Let's try this recovery thing again...

I have had three great weekends, with three awesome races, in three fun and fabulous locations. But my body and my brain are tired. Oh, and there was that cough that came from out of nowhere, and it morphed into a nasty head cold.

First world probs aside, it made for a much needed week on the down-low...

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Rainy Race Day Running Tips

Rain. It happens, even on race day.

For most of us, this is probably not our favorite scenario. Especially if it's a goal race or one we've trained especially hard for, rain on race day can be a real buzz kill. Now that Spring is officially here, the likelihood of rain in the forecast is a possibility.

What's a runner to do? Stay home and declare a DNS? Or, lace up (anyways), dress up (in appropriate rainy weather gear) and show up at that start line? 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Mile recap

Do you believe in Fate? Good fortune? Karma?

I'm not really sure where I stand on any of those, but I do know a lot of things worked in my favor to make my dream of running the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run a reality.

It all started, several years ago, when I first heard of the event. The 10-mile distance is not a very common race distance, but it's one I like. I am also enthralled with the city of Washington, DC (and all the historic sights and memorials that live there). Marry these two and you have a race that speaks to my heart.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Recovery. Adventure. Fun. Mix and Repeat!

Well, it's been quite the week.

Recovery. Adventure. Fun. Mix and repeat.

There was a lot of stuff going down this week, and my body may be tired, but my spirits are oh-so-happy!