Monday, November 11, 2019

Let's Warm Up!

I runfess...I was a late arrival to the Warm-Up Party.

Sure, I would do a few (static) stretches before a race, and maybe an occasional march-in-place. But an actual warm-up? Even before a training run?  Not likely.

It's not that I thought I was above going through a warm-up ritual, I just never really thought it was especially necessary for just an average runner like myself. After all, I was never in contention to win any races (spoiler, I'm still not LOL). Did I really need to "warm up" if I wasn't seriously "racing?"

The short answer...yes.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Filtered Fall-Out

It's been a week of meh. Not a crisis, but my current reality.

Let's just say the weather has been un-seasonal (and not in a good way). Though the calendar still shows November, the temps have been as cold and crazy as January. The sun has been playing Hide and Seek. The wind has been blowing. The snow has been falling. I could go on....

But, I've been honoring my MCM recovery (and am feeling {almost} 100% brand new). The running was very low-key this week. Definitely not a deal-breaker, but an odd shift in routine compared to the past 14 weeks of 26.2 training.

And, did I mention the weather?

When things feel blah, I do my best to un-blah them...which may (or may not) explain my small #filterfetish this week.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

P.M.D.D. - Post Marathon Distress Disorder

Post Marathon Distress Disorder (or PMDD, for short). - I've got me a case of it.

It may not be an authentic, documented mental condition, but I can attest to its validity.

When a big race is on the agenda, you train for it. When it's a REALLY BIG race that's been at the top of your bucket list forever, you train even harder. You look forward to the big day and do everything in your power to ensure you're ready, physically and emotionally.

There's all kinds of early morning runs. There's shoe rotation. There's the fueling strategy. There's frequent weather-stalking. And there's plenty of race day stress, due to the aforementioned weather stalking.

But what happens after the finish line?

Monday, November 4, 2019

2019 Hillbilly Hike Half Marathon

Yes, there are hillbillies in Iowa. And some of them show up for races on cold mornings.

Let me set the scene....

Temps were cold (how does 32F grab you?), the trail was frosted over (and quite slick), and we had 13.1 miles between us and the finish line. It was a point-to-point endeavor, so there was no turning back. But, we were promised biscuits and gravy, chocolate milk and homemade pie at the finish line.

Sound intriguing?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Focusing on Recovery


We all know that recovery is part of the program when it comes to fitness. Throw in a marathon,  which includes not just the race itself, but all the numerous weeks of training that got you to the start line (and across the finish line), and one's body needs some down time.

As much as I curse Momma N, her twisted exploits on weather actually worked in my favor this past week. It was very cold, very windy, very damp. There even was some white stuff on the ground. All of it kept me inside, which allowed me to focus on non/low impact cardio....inside. I'd say it was a success.