Thanks for the LOVE

As a blogger, nothing warms my heart more than the love we bloggers share with each other. Occasionally, I've either been asked to write a guest post for another blogger, or they have given me a loving shout-out and featured my story....

***Running Blogs To Follow***
Virginia was kind enough to give my blog a mention on a post that highlighted a few other running blogs (from  With Purpose and Kindness).

***24 hours Running On the Fly***
Featured in a guest post series, 24 Hours... (from Marcia's Healthy Slice)
24 Hours Running On the Fly

***Plot Twist!***
One of my favorite link-ups is the Weekly Wrap, hosted by Holly (HoHo Runs) and Tricia (MissSippiPiddlin). As part of their Guest Host Series, I was invited to join the party and serve as their co-hostess!

***Kimberly Hatting-What Makes a Runner Go ULTRA***
My story on how I became an ultra marathoner (from Runners 4 Wellness)

***Teamwork and 17 Legs: Market to Market Relay***
Featured race recap from the Market to Market Relay I ran with a group of co-workers (from ASI Signage-the Latimer Group)
Market to Market Relay

***Stair & Strength Workout: Fast & Furious 15's***
I was the featured guest blogger with my Fast & Furious 15's workout (from Fitful Focus)
Stair and Strength Workout | Wild Workout Wednesday | Stair Workout | Strength Workout

***Running Inspiration: Featuring Kim from Running on the Fly***
From a series, Running Inspiration  (from Running, Loving, Living)

***Follow This Mother!***
From their series, Follow This Mother! (from Another Mother Runner)
Kimberly after a 20K she has run the last 6 years, Dam-to-Dam in Des Moines IA. "it was my first-ever distance race."

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