The Road to Recovery

On June 29, 2017, I went in for (what I thought would be) a follow-up appointment on the unexpected return of knee bursitis, and wound up on a table in an operating room a few hours later. I had never had any knee problems, ever, in my 12 years of running. The bursitis had originally appeared on a Sunday evening (June 11th) with no warning.  I was treated two days later (cortizone shots) and all was fine. I even ran a marathon a few days after that (Grandma's Marathon, June 17th). A few days after the marathon, the bursitis returned. One of my local doctors didn't think it was infectious, and prescribed a 5-day round of steroids (Prednisone), on June 22nd. When the Prednisone ran out, my knee continued to get worse...eventually landing me in (emergency) surgery a couple days later, with a staph infection.

Here's the story thus far (in chronological order)......

June 30
Runfessions with a side of lemonade

July 2
Plot Twist!
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July 4th

July 7
Find a Way, Make it Happen
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July 9
A New Normal (for Now)

July 12
Have You Thanked a Healthcare Professional Lately?

July 16
Goodbye to the Gimp!

July 18
TLC of the Knee

July 23
Epiphanies Aplenty

July 28
What's there to Runfess?

July 30
Better Faster Stronger

August 6

August 13
Upping the Mileage

August 20
Scaling Back

August 27
The Recovery RoLlEr CoAsTeR

September 3
It's almost Go Time!

September 10
The Waiting Game...

September 13
Summer 2017:Thumbs-up? or Thumbs-down?

September 17
Emotions Were RUNNING High

September 24
On The Road Again!

October 1
Can You say EPIC?

October 8
Another Week...

October 15
Going With The Flow

October 22
Ready to RALLY

October 29
What Happened to Fall?

November 4
Hillbilly Hike 10K

November 12
R'n'R Las Vegas Half Marathon

December 31, 2017 2017 in Review

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