Sunday, July 12, 2020

Keeping in Stride by Opting Outside

Can you say Humidity?

Better yet...can you feel it? Humidity is no stranger to Iowa summers, but it's really been intense in recent weeks. I think we've had constant high humidity, every day, for the past three weeks. We did get a brief (maybe six hours?) reprieve Friday morning, but the humidity returned with a vengeance by mid-afternoon.

It is what it is, and (as I have said several times) I will gladly take the heat (and humidity) over the frigid temps of winter. After all, it's only here for such a short while...I wish I could say the same for Winter.

I believe this was week #4 of taking all of my workouts to the great outdoors. I don't get to enjoy that year-round, either, so I try to take advantage of the extended daylight and outdoor conditions.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Let's Take a Ride...a Long Ride

"Let's go for a ride," he said. 

It was the hubby's idea, and this ride was estimated at being upwards of 50 miles.

Oh, and this wasn't a car ride; it was a bike ride. Prior to this, my longest ride had been 20 miles on a borrowed road bike (for the Flying Pigs Duathlon, August 2015). This ride would be substantially longer, and it was on a mountain bike. 

What could go wrong?

Monday, July 6, 2020

Sully Freedom Fun Run 2020 recap

Well, it had been a long time coming, at least in my world.

After a 4-month hiatus, a live race became a reality for me. To say I was excited would be an understatement. After all, if this was any other year, I would have probably had at least eight other races done in that time span. Thankfully, there was a slew of virtual races to keep me busy. 

When I got word about the 2020 Sully Freedom Fun Run, though, it didn't take me long to register.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

It's Feeling Hot Hot Hot and Humid

Anyone else feeling #HotHotHot this week?

Summer does get hot in Iowa, and we certainly have our fair share of humidity. We usually get an intermittent day (or a few) with reduced dampness in the air...but that wasn't the case this week. It is what it is, and I'll gladly take this over sub-freezing temps and snow. I'm just grateful my body can tolerate it. 

That said, it was another week of outdoor daily fitness. Hey, if I'm gonna get my "glow"on, I might as well be outside with the sunshine and fresh air. 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Just Chillin' with a July Chai

Don't mind me, I'm just chilling with a (hot) chai latte,' in the July heat.

 Can't you just see (or feel) the irony?

We all have our drinks of preference, and I'll choose a hat chai (most days) over anything else. The summer heat, and subsequent humidity, came barreling in this past week. Personally, I don't mind the heat much, but the humidity really does a number on my hair. Oh well, at least it's not snowing.

Anyways, it's that time of the month most of us look forward to...time for gathering round a table and chatting, virtually that is.  Shall we get started?

Monday, June 29, 2020

To Catch a Sunrise...

I've had a thing for sunrises lately.

I guess it's a byproduct of my being an avid #artgeek and an early-riser.

Honestly, the summer season is so short (at least in Iowa), I refuse to let all these sunrises go to waste. I'm not only willing (and able) to sacrifice a little bit of sleep, but that's what my body seems to prefer. Heck, most mornings I'm awake before any alarms go off. 

There are many benefits to getting outside early on a summer morning, though. Catching a beautiful sunrise is just a bonus.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Summer Heat Meets the Street

Baby, it done got hot.

In the state of Iowa, that is. Don't worry, I'm not complaining (though a tad less humidity would be nice).

As I've said a time (or ten) before, I wait upwards of 10 months for summer weather to arrive. I don't spend much time indoors (other than for working and sleeping), so the heat and humidity are just part of the reality. I'm good with that.

I was able to take all my workouts outdoors again this week, so there was plenty of sweat equity deposited in the fitness bank. I'm totally fine with that as well.