Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How Do Ya Like These Lemons?

There's a big difference between running-related injuries and injuries that happen while running. Case in point, let me tell you about the latest "injury" to find its way to me.

Doesn't the snow look pretty?

We had (almost) a record-breaking snowfall this past weekend, to the tune of over 14 inches of the white stuff.  I have not had much for snow running this winter. There has been snow, but not like usual.  We have had plenty of artic-like temps and wind, though.

Pausing for the required "Selfie with Friends," with Bill and Barb

A couple of friends and I decided to get outside and have some fun.  Even with the wind, it didn't feel that bad out on the streets. We knew to be careful because we'd gotten some rain the day prior, and a lot of the rain had frozen under the thick snow. The thing is, because the ice is hidden, you don't really know where it is...until you slip on it.

I went down a couple times during those five miles in the snow, but it wasn't until I was two blocks from home that I went down hard. The kind of solid landing that (literally) took my breath away and knocked my sunglasses sideways. As I was pulling myself back up, I decided to just walk the rest of the way home. A couple steps later, I went down again, this time landing on the other side (and on my left elbow). Nothing really seemed to hurt (much), and I was laughing at my own klutziness as I hobbled back to my house.That was late Sunday morning.

Fast-forward to Monday morning, I could hardly crawl out of bed without wanting to scream. The pain on my right side (in the rib cage area) felt like it did 18 months prior when I took a fall on a trail run. I was rewarded with a few bruised ribs from that trail fall. Although I was able to continue running through the healing process, it took several weeks before I felt completely healed.

I tried running some stair intervals Monday evening, and it was difficult. I then tried to run on the treadmill and it was even worse. The sore and swollen tissue surrounding the ribs makes it difficult to get a deep breath, so any heavy-duty-breathing is not pleasant (nor advisable).

waving the white flag after a mere mile on the 'mill

So, what's a girl to do? Fortunately, I'm not just a runner, and I have lots of good 'ole cross-training options  to turn to.  Other than doing a few series of squats and a couple of easy yoga poses, I gave myself (almost) a complete rest day on Tuesday.

Doing the Warrior-2, with Max as my witness

On Wednesday, I did some arm work (being careful to not do anything that would put strain on my mid-section), and several sets of squats (some with weights, some without). I usually do a daily 2:30 plank every morning while my chai latte' is 'brewing," but that hasn't happened since before my fall(s). I was able to do several shorter planks (1:00-1:30) during the Super Bowl (as part of a workout), and some knee-push-ups...but anything else that involves my core is too painful. Ugh.

working the arms

...and foam-rolling the back (again, with Max)

What does a bruised rib (or several) feel like? It's kind of a tightness in the rib-cage area., it hurts (almost) every time I sneeze, cough or laugh. It can be difficult taking a deep breath. Rolling over in bed is pure torture, as is trying to get out of bed. I know this is only a short-term situation, though, so I'm making the best of it. I have a 5-mile race coming up on Valentine's Day, so I  need to stay on the down-low and allow my body some R&R. All is good, and I will be just fine. How do you like these lemons?

They say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Well, forget the lemonade, I'm going for pie!

Have you ever taken a big fall during a run? Ever bruised or broken a rib (or several)?


  1. Oh man. Terrible! Yes I did a big fall while running. Then two days later two more while bringing the baby in. Not fun and it hurts bad sometimes. You're amazing though. I like your lemon pie ;)

    1. I'm not especially graceful, so I probably should have just stayed inside...but the pretty snow was calling my name. I just saw that it's four weeks until we "spring forward," Woot!! Summer is just around the corner :-)

  2. Yikes, this has been a cold though winter! Be careful lady ♡ and heal quickly!

    1. Thanks!! I'm finding plenty of non-running stuff to keep me busy, but it still kinda sux :-( Onward!

  3. I fell down the stairs a few years ago and landed on my tailbone. While that was enough to keep me from running for a couple weeks (and biking for about 6 months), I was surprised at how much my whole body hurt for a couple of days after that. It was like everything shook loose.

    Take it easy...I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your pie!

    1. yes, my entire body hurt. I'm feeling better (four days post-fall), but still very tender in the ribs.

  4. Oh no! So sorry to hear this! I hope you are feeling better soon! I haven't fallen while running before, that's why I stick to the treadmill in the winter ;)

  5. I fell a few times during the winter in previous years, because as you said, you can't see the ice patches under the snow! I sure hope you feel better soon!!