Thursday, May 5, 2022

MAYbe We Should Chat

MAYbe it's May, but things are feeling kinda "unMay-like" this year.

The weather is 5-6 weeks behind where it should be, and it's been cold, damp and blustery more often than not. We have had plenty of sunshine, though, so that's a plus. Also, despite the cooler than normal weather, the trees are blossoming, the grass is a striking shade of green, and most of the spring bulbs are in bloom.

I am grateful to get outside on a daily basis, though (the #optoutside streak is showing no sign of stopping). A good thing about the cold weather is that it does make a warm beverage (post-workout, or otherwise) a pretty sweet treat.

Even better than a hot beverage, is gathering with friends, and having a chat session. What ya say?  Shall we gather and chat for a bit? 

If you don't mind I'll go first. There's a lot of things I could tell you about...

MAYbe I could tell you how the month of April played out for me. My running mileage was in a good place, and my training rewarded me with a very satisfactory finish time for the Drake Road Races Half Marathon. Walking saw a major increase with the slowly warming daytime temps, which allowed for more walking during my breaks at work. There was quite a bit of pedal time, though all of it was indoors (it's just been too cold and far too windy to even consider saddling up for an outdoor ride). Stair-climbing was my lower-body workout-of-choice for most of the month, as I continued training for the Fight for Air Climb.

MAYbe I'd share my accidental discovery of a great cool-down tactic...rain! During the winter months, I'm all about taking it outdoors, post-workout, for the requisite selfie. Well, much to my surprise, a cold rainfall feels just as refreshing following an intense power-walk session on the treadmill. Kind of a hydrotherapy and cryotherapy mix.

MAYbe I'd tell you about last weekend's PeloFondo. I first heard of the PeloFondo in January. Basically, it's a virtual weekend-long "bike ride" in the Peloton world. Participants can ride each or both days, take breaks as needed, and log their miles after each "rest stop." In January, I was still in Florida, so all my miles were ridden outside. I'd hoped to do some of last weekend's miles outside, but the weather was not very bike-friendly in Iowa. Truth be told, I actually had forgotten about the event until I was on the bike, Saturday morning, following my run. I set an ambitious goal of 50 miles, but wound up riding a total of 60 (15 miles Saturday morning, 25 miles Sunday morning, then 20 more miles after lunch). Some of those miles were with Peloton cycling classes, but the majority were just easy pedaling while I played catch-up on my phone (reading blogs). I was really surprised to see how much faster my indoor speed was, considering I wasn't really pedaling hard. 

MAYbe I'd whine (just a tiny bit) about my outdoor biking FOMO. While I'm ever grateful to have an indoor set-up, nothing compares to riding outdoors. While I shared so many wonderful miles with my dear Fritz last year (the green bike), I decided to trade him for a slightly taller bike. I'm a tall gal, after all (5'9), and my long legs really needed a bike with a taller frame (though the camera angle deceivingly makes the bike look short, LOL). This new beauty has not yet been christened with a proper name , so stay tuned. 

Finally, MAYbe I'd  tell you about my small brush with (supposed) fame. On Wednesday, I made a short reel, showcasing  the contents of my "race packet" for the Fight for Air Climb. I used Bon Jovi's Have A Nice Day song as the featured audio. Imagine my surprise to see the notification (below) that my reel was added to the song's audio page on Instagram. I seriously doubt Jon Bon Jovi himself is the one behind this, but it made me smile. I've made a lot of reels, and this is the first time anything like this has happened. I'll let you know, though, if Jon and his band hire me to shoot their next video.

Anyways, I've probably chatted enough...MAYbe

How about you? Anything to share? Are you ready for Spring, or would you be content to just jump into Summer? Has it been warm enough for outdoor biking in your area?

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  1. Congrats on getting your reel noticed! It's always fun when some little brush of fame happens. Good luck with the climb!

  2. It would be nice to have spring but it looks like we're headed for full-on summer. Have fun naming your new bike and good luck with the climb!

  3. I'm sorry the biking miles have had to be indoors, but I have no doubt that you'll rack up plenty of miles this Summer.

    We keep going back and forth between cool and warm (with the heat coming next week, supposedly). Lots of rain, too! But I do see people biking on the bike path much more regularly these days.

  4. Love the MAYbe theme! I was not in the mood for a bike ride last weekend — I had other priorities — but with rain in the forecast this weekend I will really be missing it. So fun to have a new bike!

  5. A new bike- that's exciting! Don't worry, you'll be able to get outside soon enough- my sister tells me they're going to be hitting 90 in Chicago next week! Crazy. Soon everyone but you will be complaining that it's too hot : )

  6. Congrats on the reel.
    Next week is supposed to be sunny and warm, but April was pretty crummy weather - rain, wind, overcast, cool. Such is life, I suppose. But I'm thrilled with the upcoming forecast.
    I'm not a huge fan of spring, but wouldn't want to skip it because of the beautiful blossoms in our area...

  7. Enjoy the new bike! Have fun this weekend at the climb I know you look forward to it every year. Cool on the reel!

  8. We are way behind... using we have tulips by now.. But we still see daffodils.

    Lots of rain here but I've been lucky to avoid it to run.

    My bike... my poor bike... zero miles.

    A new bike sounds mojo!! Enjoy!

  9. Congrats on that brush with fame!! And enjoy the new bike - hope the weather plays nice so you get a lot of outdoor miles on the bike and on the run!

  10. The weather this Spring has been undesirable, to say the least. And we're expecting lots of rain tomorrow and cold weather on Sunday.
    Congrats on completing another PeloFondo!

  11. How fun about your reel! Would you believe I completely forgot about PeloFondo? Congrats on getting it done! Enjoy your new bike...can't wait to see what you name him/her ;)

  12. How cool your reel got featured. It has beenxa yucky spring here too with lots of rain. I'm ready for Summer.

  13. How fun that you got a new bike! Looking forward to the name. Congrats on PeloFondo! I missed it this time (again). Will there be another one?

  14. Bon Jovi is the best! Congrats on the new bike. I hope your weather evens out soon.

  15. Riding outside is for sure way better than inside. My sister puts her bike on a trainer when she can’t get outside. I don’t need to get miles, I just ride for fun and riding inside is not fun for me.
    Very cool on the reel.

  16. Oh, I love the new road bike! Hope this one is the perfect fit and you have many happy miles on it.