Saturday, October 29, 2022

Gimme an I!


All is fair in fitness and fun...until an injury rears its ugly head.

Yes, I said it. 

INJURY. Not exactly a runner's (or any athlete's) favorite word that begins with I.

I had a feeling said "ugly word" had been flirting with me in recent weeks, and I was taking all the necessary precautions to keep it at bay. But, wouldn't you know? It still made its grand entrance...

Before I share all the deets, welcome to the Weekly Run Down!

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Anyways, here's what down in my little world of fitness this week:

Sunday had me feeling INVINCIBLE.
The weather was absolutely beautiful...warm (68F) and sunny, though a bit breezy (18mph wind). Another sleep-in (this is becoming a bad habit, LOL) had me not getting outdoors until mid-morning, but the 3.5-mile walk was almost euphoric in the summer-like conditions. Later, the weather turned damp, and I got caught in some mist and light rain in the early evening while walking. What's a gal to do? I climbed aboard Sebbe, and got in a solid 10-mile ride, in the dry confines of my basement after returning home.

My Never-Miss-a Monday left me feeling INSPIRED!
The weather felt perfect for a short run, but with the grumpy glute still acting not 100% happy, I walked the 1/2-mile to the college campus, ran two easy-paced miles, then walked the 1/2-mile back home. Not only did things feel good, I also beat the forecasted rain. Later, after work, I took on another indoor biking session, this time pedaling for 12 miles (courtesy of two Peloton cycling classes).

Tuesday's morning "Breakfast Barre" was IDEAL.
The glute was feeling decent, leading me to believe I'd finally turned the corner with all the previous weeks' discomforts. The morning's Barre sesh (Peloton app), worked its usual magic and the post-workday 2-mile walk felt fantastic.

Double Workout Wednesday was INEVITABLE.
It had been a couple weeks since Barb and I had done a #5at5 run. Since my bodily discomforts seemed to be feeling better, I felt ready to run a full five miles (an increase from the 2-milers and 3-milers of recent weeks). The temps were cold (34F, with a 30F feels-like), but the sky was clear. The tightness in my glute (and vicinity), though, simply refused to loosen-up. Even with a couple of short walk breaks, it was obvious that things were still compromised (UGH!). By the fourth mile, I knew those five miles were a bit too ambitious. I managed to finish the five miles, but there was a lot of walking in the final 1/2-mile...and I was able to get an appointment with a PT that afternoon (more on that later).

Later, I met Amy for the grand finale of the weekly hilly bike path rides. Although it had warmed up considerably since the morning, those mid-50F's are cold on a bike! It felt like a perfect conclusion to the previous 25 weeks of this weekly ritual, though. The sky was cloudy and the lake looked rather barren and dreary...the polar opposite of the warm and sunny conditions of the first ride we'd done in early May. One last INVIGORATING jaunt on the hills, and 15 final miles, to close-out the season. 

Thursday's workout? INSTINCTIVELY low-impact...
Typically, I do lower-body work on Thursdays, but thought it best to focus on the upper-body and give the lower-body a break. An INTENSE arm/shoulder workout (via Peloton app) sufficed nicely, as did some lunchtime walking (1-1/2 mile) and after-work walking (2-1/2 miles). IMPULSIVE lower-body session...
Along with my new PT exercises, I added a 20-minute glutes/leg workout (Peloton). I kept the weights moderate, but those kickstand deadlifts? Ouch! I was surprised how tough they were! I also tacked on an 8-mile (indoor) bike workout and walked a couple miles after work.

Saturday morning's ride? An IMPRESSIVE 20-miler!
I was tempted to do a short run, but didn't think it wise to tempt fate. Instead, I cued up a 20-minute ride (Peloton) and got to work. I'd done a few miles on the bike before the class begun, so I was near the 12-mile mark when the class ended. Fifteen miles seemed like a reasonable "round" number to finish the day with, so I continued pedaling for a little while longer. Once I reached the 15-mile mark, though, I got the idea to go for 20 miles instead. So I did. And, I followed the ride with a 2-1/2-mile walk in the morning sunshine. Boom! Nothing like a little INSANITY to begin the day, am I right?

...and what's happening on Sunday?
The weather is looking mild and dry...I'll definitely be heading outdoors for some morning walking and/or biking. Outdoor biking is also a possibility in the afternoon hours. Stay tuned... 

So, yeah. This week took a bit of a turn mid-week. The PT thinks it's a hamstring issue, and not the glute (though they're both connected, LOL). She advised minimal running (no surprises there) for the time being...short distances and very easy pacing, and I'm totally on board with that. She was very glad to hear I have a nice repertoire of other fitness interests and options already in use (especially the biking and walking, as well as strength-training). I gotta say this "INJURY'S" timing is IMPECCABLE since my racing season is done, LOL.

So, the running was very minimal this week (seven miles), but walking and biking were well-utilized (19 miles and 65 miles, respectively). Barre will definitely stay in the rotation (I may even try to fit in a couple additional sessions each week). Upper-body and modified lower-body will continue to be key players as well.

In case you missed out, here's what went down on the blog this week:

In other news:

Friday Fashion Flair. Every year, I dig this shirt out of the fashion vault during the Halloween season. I'm not fond of spiders, in the least, but I do admire the works of art that their webs are. I'd seen a similar shirt, years ago, in a glitzy boutique. The art geek in me (kinda/sorta) plagiarized the concept and created one of my own. Hey, it happens, LOL. 

Saturday, the sister and I found ourselves in Kinnick Stadium for the Iowa vs. Northwestern football game. We had beautiful weather (upper 60F's!), we got to wave to the children in the Stead Family Children's Hospital (along with both teams' players, the refs, and a full stadium of football fans), and we got to witness a much-needed victory! Go Hawks!

And...Planksgiving! Stay tuned...there's a Planksgiving Challenge starting Tuesday. This involves daily planking, with a focus on side-planking for myself. Details coming in Tuesday's blog post...

Enough about me...
How did your week play out? Any big fitness goals set? or met? What's your weather been like?

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  1. Well done on handling the i-word so carefully. I'll admit I went back to running two weeks after my physio appt for my back, not three, however I was super-careful (2 then 3.5 miles walk-running, first time running to meet Mr Lyzzybee and second time running with Claire) and only did it when I had no back pain for a few days before. So far, so good. Like the physio said, you have a good range of other things to do so can keep fit and moving - best of luck with it!

  2. well, I am glad you finally got it checked out. I've had high hamstring tendonititis before which also makes the glute sore. Glad it sounds not too serious feel free to share any new or exciting exercises you got. Hope you are feeling better this week

  3. Sorry to hear that your injury hit critical mass. I'm glad to see that you got it checked out. High hamstring tendonitis is one of those things that takes a while to go away. My friend Steph has had it on and off for a long time. Take care of it!

  4. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that your injury has taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully, PT will get you headed in the right direction quickly. Thank goodness for cross training to keep you going, right?

  5. Sorry about the I...hope it heals up soon. There was a time not so long ago when I would have thought "oh no how awful that you have to scale back the running" and now I get it..."how wonderful that running is just one of many fitness tools in your belt so you get to focus on all these other things until your glute is ready to run again".

  6. Ugh on the hamstring issue — and interesting to know that’s probably the source of the problem. I good reminder that it’s often not what hurts. You are resilient and resourceful, so I’m sure you will get through this!

  7. Nooooo! Not the dreaded "I" word. It always happens when you're feeling invincible- but at least you don't have any races coming up. It's funny (not ha ha funny, the other kind) that your glute issue was actually in the hamstring, while I've been wondering if my hamstring issue is coming from the glute. Like you said, they're connected.
    I love the spiderweb shirt!! Way to show your holiday spirit. And yes, Baylor has also gotten some much-needed wins lately, which makes everything more fun. I'll be interested to hear all about Planksgiving!

  8. I'm sorry to see the I word flying around here. I hope you caught the hamstring issue and are able to treat it before it becomes a chronic issue. Hammies are tough customers. Happy Halloween!

  9. Ugh, hammies!!! I hope you caught it early enough that it's not a pain for a long time. That's a tough one! I have been doing my PT exercises and trying to keep my lower half happy for race day. Not an easy task. Does your injury bother you when you sit down, like at the football game? I was getting a bit uncomfortable sitting at our game this week.

  10. I'm sorry the glute issues (hamstring?) have not relented. As you noted, at least the timing works in your favor - you can focus on other things and hopefully heal quickly!

  11. It sounds like you're doing all the right things for that hammy- barre is basically PT wrapped up in a fun little Peloton class :) Good luck!

  12. I feel like we're all getting some sort of injury this month :( I am glad that you got it checked out and that you're doing all the right things to help it heal. I agree with Jessie - barre is awesome! I actually need to do it more often lol.

  13. I am just so sorry this is going on for you. Wishing you the best as you work to fix this. I think you will come back stronger than ever!