Saturday, March 18, 2023

Almost Blown Away

Apparently, Winter is refusing to leave the party.

Not only did it gift my area with three (count 'em, THREE!) nasty snow storms the previous week, this week it dropped the temps back to January-like conditions. Oh, and let's not forget about the ever-constant wind.

Let's just say I was not amused. After all, there were several Week of Pi runs on the agenda, and they all needed to happen outdoors...

Before I share all the windy details, welcome to the Weekly Run Down!

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Anyways, here's what went down in my little blustery corner of the universe this week:

Spring-ahead Sunday.
Not only had I done my longest run in a long time (eight miles) the day prior, but Saturday afternoon's  snowstorm had left the streets messy. I threw caution to the wind (pun intended), stayed inside, and gave my body some TLC, via yoga. In the afternoon, I took advantage of the sunny skies and walked a couple miles and then saddled-up and did a 12-mile bike ride (obviously indoors).

Never Miss a Monday.
I didn't feel like layering-up and fighting the wind (or possible black ice), so I spent a little more time with Hawkeye (my spin bike). An easy-paced 9-miler sufficed quite nicely for my morning "coffee."

Although it still was cold and windy, it had warmed up (ever so slightly) as the day had worn on. I knew I'd be running daily for the remainder of the week, so I kept Monday's run short (two miles) and got in a 2-mile walk after dinner in the extended daylight.

All Things Pi on this particular Tuesday...
Another crazy cold (and windy) morning, I opted to hit the elliptical for 3.14 miles (about 20 minutes) and then did a real quick 3.14-mile ride on the bike before work. I knew there would be plenty of sunshine, so the lunch hour was the perfect setting for my birthday run. I headed to the lake, in anticipation of some wind shelter. Well, my "wind shelter" plan was such a success, I found myself drastically over-dressed, LOL. I'd rather be too warm than too cold, though, so this was a pretty epic start for all the Week of Pi running that would be happening. I even spotted my first robin!  

Heavy on the Walking Wednesday...
Can we talk about the sunrise for a quick minute? Wednesday's was spectacular. So what if the early morning temps were frigid and the wind was fierce. The forecast was promising 50F-ish afternoon temps, so I postponed Wednesday's Pi run for after work. Meanwhile, the 2-mile sunrise walk was legit. Michele and I took a late-morning 1-mile walk (at work), but passed on an afternoon outing due to the wind.

After work, the 50F temps were nice, but the 20mph? Not so much. None the less, the run went well and my pace was much faster than it felt (especially on mile-1, which was pretty much straight into the headwind). Another 2-mile walk, after dinner, gave me five total walking miles for the day. 

Thankful Thursday.
The forecast was showing rain, starting mid-morning and continuing all day, with snow in the late afternoon/evening (#ugh). That meant my best (if not only) option was to get the Pi run done in the wee hours, before work. I also wanted to do some cycling, so I got up really early and rode 10 miles (with some Tabata and HIIT thrown into the mix) before heading out for the run. I hadn't done any strength work yet this week (due to the focus being the daily Pi runs), so I did a couple arms/shoulders workouts after getting back home from dinner out with friends. And the snow did hit...golfball-sized snowflakes, leaving the lawns white and the streets (again) covered with heavy slush.

A Festive St. Patrick's Friday!
...and with all the previous evening's snow, sleet, and slush, I didn't want to venture out in the dark come Friday morning. Besides, the temps were sub-freezing and windy (I know, #BigSurprise). So, the next best thing was to hit the bike (15 miles, including a short Tabata workout) before heading to PT.

Despite the cold weather, we did have sunshine all day (until late afternoon, LOL). I had been dreading this particular Pi run because I was not looking forward to fighting the wind. Also, my body was feeling a bit tired from the morning's PT session. But, once I got out the door, things felt progressively better with each mile (maybe it was the obnoxious shamrock-bedazzled leggings?). This was Day-4...already past the halfway hump!

A Simply Sinister Saturday
Waking up to temps in the low-teens (with a sub-ZERO wind chill and 20mph wind), I elected to keep it indoors for the morning. How does a 100-flight stair climb grab you? Followed by a 10-mile (indoor, obviously) bike ride? And a short arm/shoulder strength extravaganza? Yeah...all of those were part of my avoiding the ridiculousness outdoors.

After several hours of procrastination and dread, I finally sucked-it-up, laced-up, and headed outside. Yes, the wind was a beast, and it felt like I had an extra 10 pounds of gear layered on me...but it wasn't as treacherous as anticipated. In fact, I finished with the exact finish time as Friday's run...weird because I ran an entirely different route, even if it was the same distance.

and Sunday?
Knock wood, the forecast is showing a return to "seasonal" temps and weather conditions. That day's  Pi run will feel like a cake walk! There will also be some walking and (most likely) easy-paced indoor cycling as well. 

So, how did this final week of winter play out? Running definitely had an increase in mileage, but I attribute that to the Week of Pi antics - just under 21 miles in the running shoes (and all outdoors, thank you very much). Walking took a major hit, due to the insane weather (only 10 miles). Biking was on par with 59 miles. As for strength work, there were only a couple of short upper-body sessions. I guess I can count my PT session as lower-body work, and also Saturday's 100 flights of stairs deserve a nod.  

In case you missed out, here's what went down on the blog this week:

In other news:

Friday Fashion Flair. Although there is very little Irish lineage in my blood, I certainly pretend to be a full-blooded Irish lass on St. Patirck's Day. 

In case you've been under a rock, most probably know my birthday was this week. Not everyone wants to bring attention to adding another "number" to their age, but I believe it's cause for celebration. I also like the fact that my birthday coincides with a quirky "national" day, so I have a lot of fun in playing with the numbers 3.14 (BTW, I was a math dork as a kid, so it's only appropriate I celebrate National Day of Pi since it lands on my actual birthday). I was treated to a wonderful dinner with family, and all three kids were able to grace the table. They truly are my three greatest gifts. 

Lastly, this year's NCAA tournament is looking like a repeat of last year with all kinds of  upsets, already in the first round! As this post goes live, my championship team, UCONN, is still in it...but the other three brackets are jacked. I'm just glad it's all in good fun, LOL.

So, there you have it! Somehow, I'm surviving Winter's last hurrah, and am ecstatic to have it vacate the premises this next week. Anyone else?

How did your last full week of winter go? Did you get served some extreme weather as well? Did you wear green on St. Patrick's Day? Any races on the roster...this weekend or upcoming? 

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  1. It sounds like you had a fantastic birthday - I walked 3.14 miles for you on Tuesday! Sorry it didn't work out for me to join you on a virtual workout on Thursday. This week should workout, though!

    Ugh on your three snowstorms last week. Even though I'd stalked the weather, I still thought positively and packed shorts for our trip to Charleston, but ended up wearing my down coat the first four days there. Booo!

  2. My son is doing well on his brackets but can’t win big because of Perdue.

    You had a very wintery week! Hopefully spring gets more time this week.

    I went to yoga on Pi day but did have pie at work.

  3. We also had a wintry week and it's not stopping! Happy birthday - glad it was a good one. You've been so active, even with the weather!

  4. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday celebrations! Adult children are really the best, aren't they?

    This week just sucked, weather-wise. I am so ready for actual, real spring!

  5. Happy Birthday again! I also have a holiday birthday, but I've been spending with my mom most years (unless the weather is bad, which it usually is). You had lots of activity this week in spite of the weather -- great job, Kim!

  6. Great birthday week Kim, despite the ridiculous weather. Yeah March Madness really has some bracket busting games so far! Yikes!

  7. It is always nice to spend birthdays with our adult kids. Glad you enjoyed your week of PI and had a happy day. I can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks!

  8. Happy belated birthday!! So great that you got to enjoy seeing all of your kids for your birthday. That truly is the best gift! My bracket was upset with Purdue getting knocked out. Dang!! Did you happen to see that in women's basketball my University of Toledo Rockets beat Iowa?? Unexpected win for UT, super excited alumni here!! :)

  9. I firmly believe that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day. I also can't think of a better birthday gift than dinner with the fam.

    What the what was that weather this week????????????????????????????????

  10. Wow, the weather really didn't cooperate for Pi week, but you got it done anyway! I definitely think your shamrock leggings gave your legs some energy on St. Patrick's Day.
    You definitely had the best birthday present ever- all three kids home. My birthday is this week but my son will be at school. Oh well!
    And, I'm finally getting into basketball! I've been watching the games randomly and enjoying it (the only team I really have a preference for is Baylor.) I'm looking forward to more basketball today.

  11. The wintery weather returned here too - have I mentioned I'm so over! You did great with your Week of Pi.

    Love that you had all of kids home for your birthday!

    Brackets are definitely busting all over! I never got around to filling mine out, but am enjoying watching the games :)

  12. Happy happy birthday Kim! It sounds like a wonderful one.

    That sunrise is gorgeous!

    Wow, from 50's to teens- you had it all this week!

  13. It's bee quite chilly here this past week, but the sun is shining brightly today, so that's a win!

  14. Happy birthday! We had a few gorgeous days, a day of gross rain, and now we are back in the 30s/40s in the morning. Sigh. I prefer it be cooler in the morning, but I also like wearing shorts!

    I didn't fill out brackets this year. K and A went to the tournament in Orlando, but I don't know who they were rooting for. Miami just won their second game, so that's pretty cool.

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday - you deserve!
    I've always loved that IrishYanks tank - it's perfect for St Patricks Day too!