Sunday, December 15, 2013

2013 Winter Streak--Halfway There!

Today is my 18th day of streaking!  There are 35 days in this streak period, so at the half-mile point of my run this afternoon, I officially crossed the halfway mark.  Giddy up!

This streak (so far) seems to be going faster than the one I did back in April.  I can only hope for that to continue.

The biggest difference with this streak is the weather, hands down.  It's a tad bit colder in December than it is in April, especially in Iowa.  There have been a couple of days when the weather has been "unseasonably" warm (temps in the upper 40's or warmer) and I was able to wear a tech shirt and capri's (I might have even worn shorts...).  Most days, though, have been normal December temps for Iowa (in the 20's - 30's), and a few days have been in the single digits with below zero wind chill readings.

I have done every streak run outside.  Some days the pavement has been dry, some days it's been wet.  There has been plenty of snow (on the ground and in the air).  And there has been wind.  Lots of wind.

I have been doing some of the 1-milers around the block where my house is located.  It's exactly a 1/2 mile perimeter around my block, so two quick laps and I'm done.  I get bored easily, so already I have figured out other routes. Some days I run the route clockwise, other days I go counter-clockwise. I might do the first lap in one direction, loop around my circular driveway and do the second lap in reverse.  There's a smaller block across the street, it requires 3 laps to complete a mile in distance.  You guessed it!  Some days I run three laps around that block (not all in the same direction, of course), or do two laps around the "small" block, and finish with a grand lap around the "big" block, in which case I get a little extra distance beyond the one mile minimum. (this is why I do not do well on the treadmill.....I need a constant change of scenery!)

For the most part, I've been able to maintain my regular running routine (running 3-4 days each week). What would normally be my "non-running" days is when I'm doing the short one-milers to keep the streak running (pun intended).  We had a severe cold spell this past week, so I've done the minimum mile runs outside and then done some "bonus" miles on the treadmill later in the evening.  Yes, you read that correctly...I climbed onto my treadmill (willingly) and ran some extra miles.

It is a bit of a paradox....on the really cold days when I want to get that one mile done outside, I do spend more time getting dressed (and, subsequently, getting undressed afterwards) than I actually do running.  This is what works for me, and it's been going great.

My husband has joined me in the streaking challenge, and he's been doing great as well.  Most days we're able to get that one-miler done together. There have been a few days, though, when he's gotten home late or had a full day of appointments and he's done his runs on his own, some in the morning before work and others in the evening under the streetlights.

So, onward!  Let's finish this!

Have you ever done a running streak?  What's the longest you were able to stay with it, and what made you stop (boredom, injury, etc.)?


  1. GREAT job on the streak! I applaud you all running so many days in a row!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! It's a challenge, I'm not a daily runner usually, and getting dressed and just doing it takes a special discipline (or craziness?).