Tuesday, December 16, 2014

And the Streak goes on.....La Da Da da da....

As most people know, I am not a streaker.

The daily running thing works for a lot of people, but I am not one of them. I'm currently, however, just past the halfway point of the Runners World 36 days of Awesome running streak, and all is good. I have done short running streaks before (April 2013, December 2013, June 2014), and am familiar with the routine. Though I am usually satisfied with my efforts in honoring the commitment to run daily, I am always glad when the streak ends.

This streak seems to really be running smoothly (no pun intended), and has not required any extra effort to "just get it done."  I still have 17days remaining, though, and I am aware that my attitude could easily change. For me, getting to the halfway point is not difficult; it's the final 5-6 days just prior to the finale where I have struggled in the past. By then, I have accomplished more days of daily running than what I prefer (and my body wants/needs some R&R). In the other streaks, I have persevered through those final days, though, and gritted it out so I could say that I finished. And, I have had no guilt or remorse ending the streak(s) and returning to my regular routine. None whatsoever.

So, here's a quick review of the first 19 days of my streak:
Day-1--Thanksgiving morning, a freezing cold Turkey Trot 5K (single digits temps!)
Day-2--1 mile in some of my Black Friday finds
Day-3--2 miles at the lake with the husband
Day-4--1 windy mile

Day-5--1 mile after work
Day-6-- 2 miles in the early evening
Day-7--1 mile around my favorite lake (with lots of geese flying overhead)
Day-8--2 evening miles under the street lights
Day-9--1 quick mile in the early morning (I was back to the house before 5:30AM)
Day-10--2 glorious miles in moderate temps
Day-11--5 miles on the trail with my buddy, Barb
Day-12--1 mile after work in my favorite pink puffer vest
Day-13--1 mile around the lake
Day-14--1 mile in the early morning
Day-15--2 chilly miles around town
Day-16--1 quick mile in damp, foggy weather
Day-17--Santa Shuffle 5K!
Day-18--1 easy mile in the unseasonably warm temps

Day-19--a very quick mile in the 47-degree December temps & rain

What are some things I have observed during this streak? Well, as mentioned in prior blog posts, I am treating myself to an official off-season this winter. I am not giving up exercise, running, or cross-training....I am just easing up on the intensity. Doing these daily streak runs (most of which are only the minimum 1-mile distance) gives me a daily commitment that is not very time-consuming. 

I am also desperately trying to have a smooth transition to neutral running shoes (switching from my stability shoes of the previous nine years). I am not without aches and pains, but the aches and pains have been minimized. Each run in the new shoes has gotten easier, though I am still not in love with them (yet).

Consequently, I am not in love with the daily streak selfies, either. But they go hand-in-hand with the streak.....I'm keeping accountable to myself and all others who are also streaking. And I'm exhibiting my obsession with bright colors & fleece head bands. That's as real as it gets.

Streaking, have you given it a whirl?


  1. It would be tough, with my work schedule, to streak! So no, I've never done it. I admire those who do!

    I actually love the daily selfies!!!

  2. Kim--I think that your dedication is amazing! Keep it up. Are you ready for 100 days in 2015?