Thursday, August 20, 2015

Variety is the spice of my life


Let's talk variety.

A lot of people find comfort & security in doing the same things over & over, again & again. A favorite running top always gets paired with the same bottom, for example. No exceptions. I respect that. 

But Myself? No thanks. I like to keep 'em guessing. Just like with my "regular" clothes, I am always mixing things up with them as well. I seldom ever wear the same "outfit" more than once... and if I do, I find a way to tweak it so it looks different.

And, it doesn't stop with my running clothes. The same goes for my hair. I've tried most every kind of hair option while dressed in running gear (except for cutting it short).

I have done pony tails. Single pony tails... Low on the hairline, in the middle and (my favorite) high on the

  I even have done an off-to-the-side ponytail...but it's difficult keeping my layered hair all gathered and "in place" when doing so.

 And I've done doubles, both low & high LOL

My favorite is the flip-&-pull-through (F&PT). Currently, my hair is at its all-time longest length ever, and I've gotten so the bouncing pony tail thing kind of annoys me, so the F&PT avoids that issue.

It's no secret I've always been a fan of visors, especially if there's even a slight chance of sprinkles. Not only do they keep the hair off my face, but should there be a few rain drops, my eyes stay pretty dry and clear, too.

If there's a downpour in the forecast, though, and it's a race (that I have paid a lot of money for) or a desperately needed training run (that I can't afford to miss)...I will wear a hat.  Even though I look like a dork in a hat, it's a necessity to keep the hair somewhat "dry" and a little less of a burden. If the rain has already started, I will braid my hair to keep the sweaty tangles somewhat under control.

And, on occasion, I have used bandanas. Even though they sometimes look cute, they are a magnet for perspiration...and once saturated, they tend to stay saturated.

Lately, I have been using headbands more. Not only do they keep the loose whispies out of my eyes, but they also add a touch of color & pizazz (once, I even attached a glow bracelet around a headband for an overnight race).

Recently, I did my first Duathlon, which gave me a new challenge with the hair. Not only did I have a helmet to deal with, but also post-helmet hair for the final (running) leg of the event. There wouldn't be time to fix my hair in the transition area, so I French braided my hair (so it would fit under the helmet easily) and wore a headband to keep the whispies under control (and look somewhat stylish) when I tossed the helmet.

And then there's the cold weather running, when you need to have the ears covered. My go-to favorite is a pretty, fleece head band. I have a variety of these in numerous colors, so I'm never without options.

So, there you have it. Some ideas on how to add a little variety to your hairdo options...any of these look like some you might want to try?


  1. This is cute! I'm always fighting with my hair. I had long hair for a while, but my hair is just so straggly. The long hair was great for running because I could just pull it back but when it was down, ugh. Now I have the bob. I have to remind my hair stylist not to cut it too short or I can't pull it back!

  2. You are so cute! I always go for the visor or the headband as well. I'm growing my hair out again and I forgot how nasty and rats nest-esque it gets when saturated with sweat. I need to figure out some new options!