Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankfulness...tis the season

It seems like just last week I was posting my Let Me Say Thanks post for 2014....fast forward, and here I am again.

Without looking at this previous blog post, I wrote a quick list of some favorite things. And, (not so surprisingly), the same things came to mind. Why mess with a good thing? Instead of re-writing the text, I have modified some of the wording, and updated the pics.

* My family.  I am so absolutely in love with my husband and three amazing kids.  They don't usually run with me (stay tuned, I'm working on that detail), but they let me run.  And, they don't complain too much about the running shoes scattered throughout the house or the occasional icky toenail. We don't always get that perfect family photo on the first attempt, either.

*My faith.  I'm not gonna get all high and almighty on you, but my faith is my cornerstone. My humbleness, and my strength. It's my everything.

*My friends. I have an abundance of awesome people in my life.  I appreciate all their kind words, messages and hugs. Some of them are just as crazy as me, and have been known to run Ultra's overnight, in the heat (and humidity) of summer...complete with lightning, rain, and Christmas lights. They make me smile and feel warm & fuzzy.

*Maxton McArthur. We adopted Max from a nearby animal shelter almost a year ago. I didn't grow up with a dog, and our family has never had one. I totally didn't get the "dogs aren't pets, they are family" thing. Well, I totally get it now. This adorable little guy has wormed his way into my heart, and everyone else who has met him. He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, too.

*Freedom to set my own goals. I don't have be fast. I don't have to run every day. I don't have to run excessive weekly mileage. And I don't have to love every experience in my running shoes. Most importantly, I don't have to impress anyone other than myself. Running has liberated me like nothing else.

*My virtual running buddies.  There are so many wonderful people who have become dear friends, and most of them came to me via this blog and my running page, Running on the Fly .  There have been countless messages, well wishes, (virtual) high-5's, and many laughs shared through our computer screens.  I have met some of these fabulous peeps in person, and look forward to meeting many more.

*The racing community.  I don't consider myself a racer, but I love the atmosphere on race day.  There's something about an entire bunch of strangers, all running towards the same finish line, that makes me feel at-one with all others on the race course . Nothing is better than the final 100 feet of a race...the finish line fanfare is intoxicating.
 *The gift of running.  Having spent most of my life believing I was not an athlete, I am so humbled (and proud) to call myself not just a runner, or a marathoner, but an Ultra Marathoner! It's not my intention to impress others. Instead, I hope to inspire them to violate their own comfort zones. If I can be an "athlete" (with my less-than-athletic body), anyone else can be one, too.

Happy Thanksgiving, FrIeNdS!

What are you most thankful this year? Do you think about your bountiful blessing every year at Thanksgiving, or do you ponder it throughout the year, month, week, or day?

I'm doing a new (to me) link today, linking up with Deb at Deb Runs.  
Go check out not only her blog, but all of the other linked blogs as well....the Wednesday Word is Bountiful, a perfect theme for this time of year.

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  1. So much to be thankful for! I'm so thankful for your friendship and that we got to finally meet! I'm hoping we can do another meet up next summer. Maybe I'll have to come your way...

    1. YES YES YES!!!! I'd LOVE to have you come my way ;-) I, too, am thankful for having met you, and gotten to know you so much better this year. You're kind of like the "big" sister I never had ;-)

  2. I do try to practice gratitude most days & I am thankful Chester made it to today. We weren't sure he would. No doubt he'll enjoy some turkey & a little bacon today. And I am definitely grateful for the gift of running!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Judy!!! I'm glad you have your little "guy" with you today, enjoy the day ;-)

  3. Virtual Running Buddies are the best!!

    1. Absolutely!!!!! There are so many gals I have known through our FB connections,etc., and when we've finally met in person, it felt like being reunited with a childhood best friend.

  4. Indeed, we have so many things to be thankful for! Did you map out and run the "I Love Running" route, or did you find that online. It's so cool!

    Hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been wonderful! Thanks for linking up!

    1. The "I Love Running" image is one I have seen on various social media sites/pages...not sure where it originated ;-)