Saturday, August 15, 2020

Riding the Storm Out #Literally

Yikes. Can you say DERECHO?

Trust me, that's a word I'd never heard of prior to this past week. It was a week that demanded a lot of juggling and some rearranging, and a lot of attention to priorities. It definitely gave me a good test of patience and grit...but that's all good (I say that in retrospect LOL).

Before I share all the details, welcome to the Weekly Run Down

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So, here's what went down in my little world this week:


With a new week on tap, I was eager to hit the pavement running. As I said in my Insta and FB posts...Never underestimate (1) the value of a shakeout run, (2) the power of a Monday morning, and (3) the beauty of a sunrise. Coming off a rather intense, fitness-full weekend (48 miles on the mountain bike and a hot and humid 10-mile run), my body was ready for an easy day.


 ...then, things got rather ugly. My recovery day came to a crashing halt, quite literally, when the derecho hit. We lost power at work at 11:41 a.m. and almost immediately the wind went psycho. After about 90 minutes, we were sent home from work (those who felt confidant enough to drive home). The destruction was unbelievable, resembling that of a war zone after a rather unsuccessful battle. Most of the streets were closed off, and covered with downed trees, power lines and utility poles. Thankfully, our house was pretty much unscathed, but our yard was another story. The hubby and I dove in and spent a good five hours with yard clean-up.

front yard...can't even see the driveway!

#themorningafter - Tuesday

Still without power (the entire town, not just my house or place of work), I knew there would be a full day of yard work on the agenda. I got out for a short 5-mile ride because my entire body needed some movement to work out the kinks from the previous four days of non-stop action...that is, before day #5 began (LOL). After the ride, I spent the morning at my parent's house, helping my dad and sister haul branches and brush to their curb. The afternoon was spent doing more of the same at my house...all kinds of deep squatting, power lunging, intense dragging and #badass lifting and tossing downed branches to our curb.

#TLC4meDay - Wednesday

The hubby left town Tuesday evening for a couple days (for work). With the bulk of our yard clean-up at a standstill (until the bigger branches and power lines could be dealt with, via professionals with proper equipment), I finally got my much-needed recovery day. The day began with some stretching and yoga. Everything was feeling strained and worn-out. We'd gotten power back at work, so I had a full day at my work desk. I took a walk over lunch, and that was it for physical activity.


#TwilightZone5at5 for Thursday

With only a few random lights (courtesy of even fewer generators) and the waning crescent moon to light the way, Barb and I met up for our weekly early morning 5-miler. It was rather eerie with no street lights, yet oddly tranquil among the scent of fresh-cut lumber and fallen pine trees. Both of us were feeling rather ragged from the extensive yard work we'd undertaken (courtesy of the derecho clean-up), but there's definite strength in keeping up with a routine and spending time with friends. And, seeing another sunrise always brightens even the darkest of days. 



Going on Day #5 sans power, I got creative and did a stair workout by the light of a battery-powered lantern. I was craving a bike ride, but the streets aren't safe right now with debris everywhere... especially with limited early-morning lighting. So, 50 flights of stairs for breakfast. Good times. 


Somewhat #longrunSaturday and more #derechocleanup

Barb and I were eager for a few miles, but neither were eager for heavy miles. And, neither wanted a super early start. We met up at 6:45, with the plan of running a few miles, but maxing out at eight total miles. Thankfully, the temps had plummeted (67F), though the humidity was still a bit high (80%). The derecho destruction was still very apparent everywhere.  

More yard work happened on Saturday as well. Out of curiosity, I kept my phone on me to track my miles...would you believe it showed over 3-1/2 miles walked as I hauled/dragged more tree branches to the curb over the span of 3-4 hours?

power lines!

Sunday? #tobedetermined

With power yet to be restored (yes, we're on Day #6 as this goes to press), this post is coming to you  live from the our oldest daughter's house as I await the final load of laundry to dry. We've been keeping the phones charged via work and our vehicles, and I have been able to keep some milk in the fridge at work. I'm really getting tired with grilled food and "fast food" snacks, but it could be so much worse. Power is tentatively due to be restored by Tuesday or Wednesday (fingers crossed it will happen sooner). Iowa was hit hard with the derecho, but other towns (and families) were affected worse than we were. Stay tuned, I am working on a post (hopefully next week LOL) with more details on the derecho experience, and how we've been able to cope with less-than-ideal (temporary) conditions.


I did get out for a 16-mile ride to greet the morning! We're still without power, but the sun was ever bright and just s beautiful as ever. #onward

So, another interesting week! With the derecho ordeal front and center, it was a challenge to keep on task with my fitness routine. I was able to get a walk done every day, but there weren't any bonus miles in my "free" time. Walking saw 11 total miles, and running only had 16 this week. Biking? oops...only one ride for five miles, but possibly there will be a ride Sunday morning. With all the yard work this week, that sufficed as my strength work...seriously, don't ever discredit yard work as an "easy" fitness option.

The only blog post this week was from last Sunday (Kinda Outta Kilter). Since I was without power (since 11:41 a.m. Monday), and had numerous other tasks to attend to, blogging had to take a back seat. It happens. 

In other news:

Friday Fashion Flair...Well, I cheated (kind of) and shared my Thursday outfit because it was much more eye-catching (that happens from time-to-time, too). Anyways, I'm a big fan of pairing non-traditional colors together...and royal and chocolate brown is just one example. What do you think? Ever tried mixing different colors together?

Oh yeah, did I mention Monday was also our 30th wedding anniversary? After several hours of yard work, we did have a nice (grilled) dinner on our deck, with all the downed backyard trees as a scenic  backdrop. 

And, let's not forget about Max! His recovery is going well from his surgery two weeks ago. The sutures came out on Wednesday, and he wears the cone just at nights (for a few more days). He was a good sport, being leashed up on the porch while we did our derecho clean-up.

And, he got to go for his first (outside) walk in almost a month!

So, that's a wrap on another crazy week. Somehow, these tough weeks keep happening, but they are bearable. One day at a time, and keep the focus on the big picture. And, I respect that things are tough everywhere for everyone...after all, there is still all kinds of COVID stuff out there, right?

Anyways, enough about me. How was your week? Still rocking those summer temps? Staying fit and  busy? Did the derecho pay your area a visit, or have you ever experienced one?

**Just FYI...due to my lack of electricity, and never-ending yard work still awaiting, I may be delayed in reading/commenting/replying on the blogs for a few days. My apologies...

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  1. Oh Wow! So this week I learned a new word - derecho! Has there been a derecho storm in your area before? I'm glad you are safe and have had minimal damage (relatively speaking). A tornado hit a nearby community and we had friends that were killed. So sad, especially because their kids were in the same classes as my kids. Please stay safe and I hope your power comes back soon!! I'm glad Max is doing well too :)

    1. I had never heard of a derecho, either, prior to last Monday. Totally a surreal week. We're managing, so all is well!

  2. I had never heard of a Derecho before we were hit with one a few years back. It is a crazy experience. Hope things get back to normal for you all soon. Fingers crossed you get your power back soon

    1. We're hoping for power to return, too, but it has not been too terrible without it. Thankfully, the weather has cooperated...well, except for last Monday!

  3. That sure will be an anniversary to remember! Glad you didn’t have property damage. Like Deborah, I learned the word a few years ago when we got hit with one. I think our power was out for a week. We stayed with my mom — including Scooby! Glad your daughter has power, and work too.

    1. The daughter lives about 45 miles southwest of us, they didn't have any damage and barely any rain/wind when it hit here.

  4. Oh, wow, Kim, what a week!! That Derecho sure hit your neighborhood hard!

    Well done for getting this post out under these circumstances. I can't even imagine how I would survive a week without electricity. Did you have a lot in the deep freezer that spoiled?
    Congrats on your 30th wedding anniversary! Not only a pandemic one, but a stormy one, too!

    1. Yes, it was an interesting adventure! This certainly was an anniversary that will go down in history LOL

  5. Wow Kim, all that I can do is to send you a big virtual hug for getting through a tough week. With all of the yard work I'd say your fitness must be off the charts. Hope the lights come back on soon!

    1. I know I did a lot of work because I was asleep most nights by 10:00...that's very early for me LOL

  6. I'd never heard of a derecho either! My younger sister lives in Cedar Rapids and has been without power as well. It sounds so terrible there! People without food or medicine...ugh, 2020 just keeps getting worse! I hope you get your power restored soon. Great work with all that yard clean-up! Thinking of you and everyone in Iowa!

  7. Goodness me, scary stuff! We've had thunderstorms, boiling hot heat (for us, like 86 a couple of days - more than that in my top-floor office) and pouring rain. I ran to a friend's house today, 3.5 miles there, 3.5 back and when I got home I was literally dripping with sweat, even though Strava said it was less humid coming back than going out. Ewwww. Hope you continue to get everything sorted out and power back on permanently.

  8. Oh wow. It looks like Iowa took the brunt of that gigantic bow echo they kept showing on the radar. What a storm! Glad you're all ok but holy smokes on the length you're going sans power! Dare I say this is one anniversary you're both going to remember!

  9. Glad you're relatively OK and still have your sense of humor. Great that your daughter has power. Role reversal from kids bringing laundry home from school? LOL. Was so glad for the Max update this morning too.
    I'm definitely a fan of blue/brown combo as it's part of my living room. Don't own much brown in the way of clothes, but might have to think of that.
    Take care *HUGS*

  10. We had bad storms all around us--there were even tornadoes in the city! But somehow, the storms divided and left our area pretty unscathed, save for downed trees. Glad you've got your daughter's place for some civilization. Hopefully things will be back to 'normal' sooon.

  11. I'm so sad that you still don't have power :( I really hope that you get it back tonight/tomorrow.

    You were still super active despite the circumstances! I'm also glad that Max is doing well and healing nicely. So good that he was able to go out for a walk too.

  12. No need to apologize Kim! I was so glad to see you were safe but being without power I’d no joke. Neither is the cleanup.

    I lived in TX 17 years (part of why one of the first things we did in this house was to install a generator), so yeah, i’ve Seen lots of “interesting “ storms. Been a week here, too.

    Your can-do, positive spirit is positively uplifting Kim! I know it’s not easy.

  13. I hope your power come back on soon! We were hit with the same storm as you. Our power was only out for a day, but some of our friends in town were out for five days. Glad you are safe. It was a scary storm.

  14. I had honestly never heard of a derecho before. I'm so sorry you've been dealing with this - especially the lost of power. Major kudos to you for keeping up with your workouts and keeping a positive attitude!

  15. I learned a new word. I can't believe you are still without power. We also had quite a storm on Monday too.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Despite the situation you made the best of it.

  16. This is just crazy for you all! I hope the power comes back soon. I've been there (hurricanes), and it's absolutely no fun.

  17. Oh, Kim, I'm so sorry you had such a tough week. I hope they can get your power restored soon. We had a derecho come through back in ~2010, but we weren't at home. We were in CT for a funeral, but our sons were both home and called us to tell us about it. We had a lot of debris in our back yard, but didn't lose any trees. The power and phone lines are all buried so luckily we didn't have any power issues.

  18. It's crazy how much damage was caused by the storm! I didn't start reading about what was going on in Iowa in the news until maybe like Thursday or Friday (I knew about it from you prior to that) I don't know how you are going on so long without power! Hang in there!

  19. Unbelievable. 2020 keeps testing us from all angles. Wow! All that damage and your power is still out, that's just crazy. But you've done it again - you have taken it all in your stride, kept up your workouts and just gotten it done. I had to laugh at your stair workout by "lamp light"! LOL. Happy Anniversary again and so pleased to see Max's progress. Crossing all fingers and toes that power is soon restored. What a week!

  20. Wow! I had never heard of a derecho either! I'm so sorry you've had to deal with all the damage. You're always very positive but it had to be scary. And no electricity for over a week? Holy moly! That's quite a way to celebrate an anniversary!

  21. Glad to hear you are ok. At least it's summer and no need for heat.

    Happy Anniversary. Happy that Max is on the mend.

  22. The derecho sounds horrible :( Glad you're all safe and that you managed to celebrate your anniversary as well!