Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did I just register for a FULL?

OK.  Time to get real, friends.  I have now run 13 halfs/20K's, and I have the calluses and medals to show for them.  I have no regrets other than wishing I had discovered the joy of distance running much sooner in life.

I totally love this particular distance.  It's far enough that it requires some training to prepare for it (at least for most runners, that is!).  It's a long distance, but it's not so long that it will wear you out in preparation. And there is no greater bliss than crossing the finish line after running 13.1 miles (well, giving birth to my three kids might be a tad bit more blissful)....but I'm sure you get the picture.

Even though a half marathon is no joke, I have enough experience in previous trainings to know how to train and what to expect while enroute to the finish line during the actual race.  I have never been a daily runner.  I respect rest days, I know they allow me to run at maximum efficiency on the days I'm not resting.  I have confidence in my regular 3-4 running days each week, the only adjustment is to add a mile to the long runs 5-6 weeks before race day.  Works for me.

The thought of running a full marathon had entered my mind for a few fleeting moments in the 8 years I have called myself a runner.  But since I have such a fondness the half marathon distance, I have successfully  ignored those 26.2 thoughts.  Until recently.

I started blogging about my love of running, and have shared this love on my Facebook page, Running on the Fly.  In doing so, I have met many other distance runners, and many of these runners have embarked on the journey to a full marathon.  They have taken the plunge.  And, wouldn't you know it?  Every one of them has encouraged me to do the same.

UGH!  Suddenly, all the reasons for not doing a full marathon were met with reasons TO do one.  Although I won't be training on the same streets as these runner friends, we will all be training together this summer.  All of our eagerness and excitement is overwhelming. We will be checking in and comparing running strategies, bragging about our weekly long runs and encouraging each other if any hurdles get in the way.

With this community of runners I have found myself embedded within, I pulled up the website for the Quad Cities Marathon.  September 22nd is the day. The course is supposed to be "fast and flat." This could turn out to be a disaster, after all I will not only be running the longest distance I've ever run (13.1 miles), I will be doubling that!  YIKES!.  It will be a tough test, physically and mentally, but I know it is time.

With debit card in hand, I hit the "submit" button.  Honestly, it was such a relief to just have the registration done.  I had been planning to do it, and had even made up a training plan...so when I finally made it official, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Now, let's get running!

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