Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let me say, "ThAnKs!!"

Wow.  There are just too many things to be thankful for.  Too many, but I will try to highlight the big ones.

* My family.  I am so absolutely in love with my husband and three amazing kids.  They don't usually run with me, but they let me run.  And, they don't complain too much about the running shoes scattered throughout the house or the ickiness of my toes.

*My faith.  I'm not gonna get all high and almighty on you, but my faith is my cornerstone. My humbleness, and my strength. It's my everything.

*My friends. I am very glad to have some awesome people in my life.  I appreciate all their kind words, messages and hugs.

*My Virtual Running Buddies.  There are so many wonderful people who have become dear friends, and all of them came to me via my running page, Running On The Fly.  There have been countless messages, well wishes, (virtual) high-5's, and many laughs shared through our computer screens.  I love you all, and I look forward to meeting ALL of you in person someday.

*The racing community.  I don't consider myself a racer, but I love the atmosphere on race day.  There's something about an entire bunch of strangers all running towards the same finish line that invigorates me.

*The gift of running.  Having spent most of my life believing I was not an athlete, I am so humbled (and proud) to call myself not just a runner, but a marathoner!

Happy Thanksgiving, FrIeNdS!

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