Sunday, January 4, 2015

Streak #4 is done! Some parting thoughts...

Well, it's over and done. My New Years Day 5K with friends was my finale of the Runners World Streak-36 Days of Awesome. I'm glad I finished all 36 days of streaking, but I am even more glad to be back to what I call "normal."

Streaking is not something I particularly enjoy, nor do I recommend it for everyone. Like all things running, it works great for some and not for others. For me, it feels like a huge obligation looming over my presence. Something I "have" to do, not necessarily something I "want" to least it feels that way towards the end. This was my fourth time doing a streak, and although it was the smoothest of all streaks I have run, it still had some difficult moments, especially in the final days. Read on,'s a quick look at what happened....

My streak began on Thanksgiving Day with our 3rd annual (local) Turkey Trot. The temps were especially cold, single digits with the Iowa wind!  Day-2 had better temps (and I got to wear some of my Black Friday fashion finds). On Day-3, the husband and I did a couple miles around the lake. The following day, the temps plummeted, and the good 'ole wind returned with a vengeance.
 Day-5 was sunny and cold. On Day-6, I did a couple miles after work. Day-7 was shared with several geese flyovers at the lake (thankfully, nothing landed on me...if you know what I mean). I did a couple of miles under the street lights for Day-8.

On Day-9, I was up and running early...back to the house before 5:30AM. Day-10 was full of sunshine. My friend, Barb, joined me for five chatter-filled miles on the trail for Day-11 of streaking.
I was happy to do a quick mile after work on Day-12. My thirteenth streaking day had me back at my favorite trail, looping around the lake. I had another early morning run on Day-14.
I ran a couple very chilly miles on Day-15 of streaking.  The next day was damp and foggy. On Day-17, I ran in the Santa Shuffle 5K. The following day, we had temps in the 50's...unheard of in Iowa!

Day-19...and we have not snow in Iowa, but rain!
Streaking Day-20....a beautiful run in the evening. Another run at the lake for Day-21. More running in the wee hours before work for the twenty second day of continuous running.
Day-23 of streaking had me in the company of friends, running in our ugly sweaters and admiring all the beautiful Christmas lights throughout town. A quick mile after returning from a fun-filled day at a family Christmas gathering for Day-24. Another cold and damp run for Day-25.
Streaking Day-26..can you see the wet pavement? Streaking Day-27...looking skyward, trying to remember what the sun used to look like. Streaking Day-28, another cold and damp run....after receiving the news about my father-in-law's passing.
Christmas Day, Day-29 of streaking. We lost my dear father-in-law the day prior, so this run was in honor of him.  It also was the first day we were blessed with sunshine in quite a long time...I don't think it was a coincidence.
Day 30, another early morning run, but in moderate temps. Day 31, a very late evening run after returning from a long day spent with extended family, saying farewell to my father-in-law. Day 32....a few wonderful miles around the lake with plenty of glorious sunshine.
Despite bitterly cold temps, there was sunshine for Days 33 and 34.

Woot Woot! Doing a victory leap on Day-35!

 The final day of the Streak arrived!  Very cold temps, but lots of beautiful sunshine...truly there is no better way to celebrate the New Year than in the company of friends!

So, the Streak has ended. Any regrets?  Well, I should have used this time to better focus on stretching and foam-rolling. I finished the entire streak with a total of 58 miles. As mentioned in prior posts, I am working through a not-so-smooth transition to neutral shoes. I was really hoping the minimal mileage and lack of long runs would be key in helping this transition process...and my strategy did not appear to work. My aches and pains did not get worse (thankfully), but they have not gone away and still are a small (though manageable) burden.

I am not a selfie-enthusiast, but I managed to snap a selfie every time I streaked. I'm glad that's over as well. It was fun coordinating 36 different and (usually) colorful outfits,though.  

I was very fortunate to have great weather for most of the 36 days of streaking.  We have had very minimal snow this winter season in Iowa.  There have been some cold days with temps in the single digits, and there has been some frigid wind to battle...but I was able to do every streak run outside.

Will I do another run streak? Most definitely. Even though I do not particularly enjoy streaking (and know it's not something I should do regularly), it is a fun challenge to do occasionally. It gets me out of my comfort zone, and that's always a good thing.

Have you ever streaked?  


  1. I loved the selfies!! My selfie posts get the biggest hits on my FB page. Who wants to look at my wrinkly old face? So crazy. But I laughed at your comment on the outfits, because you do need a variety to keep those selfies interesting, don't you?

    Great job on the streak!