Friday, December 24, 2021

12 Days of Fitmas 2021

I'm a huge believer in ending the year on a strong note.

It's also a busy, yet festive, time of year. Why not combine the two?

Well, that's just what some fitness friends, and myself, did!

Here's how things went, and a few thoughts on the matter...

With Coco's initiative, we all thought it would be fun to incorporate some fitness fun into an end-of-year grand finale (of sorts). This time of year is stressful and most of us are in a crunch to fit everything in. Sometimes, the fitness gets short-changed, so we came up with a quick and (somewhat) easy routine to keep us all accountable and active without tapping away at what precious limited time we all had.

Let's not forget, doing things as a group just makes it that much more fun! 

Here's five thoughts and reflections on these 12 Days of Fitness (and FUN):

It was simple to do.
Seriously, this was really easy to fit into my day. I was already doing some form of exercise anyways, adding a few extra "bonus" moves was kind of an easy-peasy no-brainer. I even did a lot of these moves outside.
It started out easy.
The first few days were very easy-peasy. Looking back, I should have intensified them a bit (with added resistance or slower reps), but that's alright. It was nice having the gradual build of stamina as the 12 Days continued on.

1 push-up, 2 jumping jacks, 3 bicycle crunches, 4 plank jacks

Each day got a little more challenging with the increased moves.
I found myself momentarily forgetting the sequence, especially since I did this workout immediately following my "scheduled" morning workout. Brain fog, anyone? 

5 burpees, 6 curtsy lunges (each side), 7 tri dips, 8 standing side crunches

By the end, it got a little spicy!
As one would expect, each day did get a little bit longer. That's a given when more moves are added, and more reps. Nothing wrong with pushing that endurance a bit further, right? 

9 jump squats, 10 single-leg dead lifts, 11 biceps curls, 12 sets of walking lunges 

Looking back, it was a little more lower-body dominant.
In the final days, it did seem like we were doing a lot of lower-body work, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. This workout still was a short one, and it did not get too intense because I didn't add any extra weight (except for the biceps portion). No harm, no foul.

Overall, this was a fun way to add some camaraderie to our group, and I look forward to doing it (or another one) next year. 

What are your thoughts on a holiday-inspired fitness challenge, such as this? Have you every done anything similar? Would it add to your already busy load, or do you think you'd find a way to work it in? 

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  1. It was great. Glad to be a art. I admit that it was more beyond my fitness level. I had to google the exercises and often, change them so I could do them.

    But they only took a few minutes everyday... so I hope a lot of bloggers joined us.

    1. I agree, the time commitment was minimal. I think it was a great incentive for those who don't do much "extra" stuff, but also a fun add-on for those who are already doing multiple workouts.

  2. It looked like a fun challenge! I runfess that I did not participate. I think I would have passed out halfway through. :-)

  3. A fun challenge! I miss my fitness works in the gym. Now only a light stretching every other day but I don't complain, that is better than nothing!
    All the best.

    1. Yes, this was a fun challenge ;-) It wasn't too much, but just enough that it gave my days a boost.

  4. You know I love a good fitness challenge! And it was definitely fun know we were all doing this one together ;)

  5. Totally agree. I'd also add that it never got to the point where it was unmanageable, time wise which made it "easy" to get to.

  6. The 12 Days of Fitness turned out great! I was afraid that without any rest and recovery days that it wouldn't be a good idea for me to participate. Next time I'll join in on the fun!