Monday, March 30, 2020

Give Me 19 Minutes...

Got 19 minutes for (daily) fitness?

I'd bet the farm (if I had one) that you do.

It's not a big time commitment and it doesn't have to be intense. In fact, you'd be surprised at just how fast 19 minutes go by...the key is getting started and just doing it.

Need some ideas? I got that covered...

By now, a lot of peeps have seen the 19 Minutes for 19 Days Challenge that Deborah and I are hosting. What started out as a distraction strategy for coping with the COVID-19 crisis, has become (for some) a daily routine.

Since many are self-quarantined (or sheltering at home), it can be challenging to stay active. There are loads of online workout videos, and countless apps one can access for guidance or inspiration. That's all good. But there's also an endless supply of simple at-home stuff one can do without the aid of a computer or phone. Also, you don't necessarily need anything more than your own body weight to get it done...

1. Let's start with an obvious one...running.

2. Here's another one we all can do...walking.

3. How about lunges?

4. Surely, you've done some squats?

5. Ever given burpees a try?

6. You can always get down on the floor and plank.

7. Do you own (or have access to) a bike?

8. If you want to build some leg strength, try a wall-sit.

9. Want even more leg strength (and balance, too)? Do some leg lifts.

10. There are numerous yoga poses that not only enhance one's strength, but also one's balance.

11. There's always the good, old-fashioned crunches (and lots of versions of them).

12. You can always incorporate some plyometrics with jumping jacks.

13. When is the last time you jump roped? (Okay, a jump rope is kind of a piece of equipment, but you can do "jump rope maneuvers" without a rope, just saying).

14. Speaking of jumping, how about a few (or several) jump squats?

15. Ever heard of push-ups?

16. Are you fearful of "bat wings"? Do some triceps dips.

17. Do you have a stairway in your house or apartment/condo/townhouse building?

18. Want to get your heart pumping? Try a few sets of mountain climbers.

19. How's your core? Doing a series of Russian twists, in-and-outs, bicycles, and scissor kicks will work it good!

Now, these are just for starters. The only one (above) that incorporates any real equipment would be bicycling (but that's an activity that is still permitted, I believe, with the current social-distancing restrictions). Add in some dumb bells, kettle bells, or resistance bands and you can take many of these simple exercises to a more challenging level.

As for the 19-minute time frame, that's up to the individual. Some suggestions:

***19 solid minutes of just one activity (for example, yoga, walking, running, or biking)

***Pick a few lower-body options (squats, jump squats, lunges, leg lifts, wall sits) and do 1-minute sets of each until the 19 minutes are done (or continue on if you're feeling badass).

***Create a make-shift HIIT circuit with some of the "high cardio" options (like mountain climbers, plank jacks, burpees, jump squats). You will probably want to insert a brief rest period between circuits (1-2 minutes). Those 19 minutes will go fast!

***I'd recommend trying to work the various muscle groups on alternate days (lower-body, upper-body, core) to avoid boredom or burnout.

***Have 1-2 days of low-intensity/low impact work. You don't need to be inactive, but your body will benefit with some rest/recovery time (and actually will be stronger for it).

Anyways, these are just some ideas for those who may be struggling with at-home workouts. It may not be ideal, but you can get by without a gym (or extra equipment) if need be. 

As with anything fitness-related, we all have our own likes and dislikes. Honestly, that's a good thing. Wouldn't it be boring if we all did the exact same stuff?  That said, I realize daily fitness isn't everyone's gig. Some prefer complete rest; others (like myself) do better with daily action (even if it's just a low-key walk or no-impact, via the elliptical). As I've said, we all get to go this fitness thing our way. Lucky us!

So, how are you getting by these days? Has it been a tough adjustment not having access to a gym, or has the at-home thing been better than expected? Got a favorite at-home workout regimen that doesn't require equipment? 
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I am not a certified fitness professional. These exercises and workouts are merely suggestions. Any workouts you undertake should be based on YOUR individual fitness level, or under the supervision and/or guidance of professional.


  1. Very solid ideas for easy, straightforward workouts! Many people simply lack ideas, so this list is really very helpful.
    My go-to exercises besides running are push-ups, planks, triceps push-ups, lunges and squats. I haven't been in a gym since September last year, so not many changes for me. ;-)

    1. I thought I'd make it simple for the nay-sayers LOL There are so many options lurking in our homes, no excuse is valid in avoiding working out ;-)

  2. I may not be a streaker, but daily fitness is something that is definitely part of my life. The dogs need to be walked, after all -- although quite frankly that doesn't really qualify. Still, it helps with the steps and getting out into fresh air.

    Lots of great ideas, Kim, and thank you guys for putting the challenge together (even if I'm not actively participating -- but am, if you catch my drift).

    1. Oh, I Know you're participating in your own way ;-) The people we were hoping to inspire were the ones who were making excuses instead of making things happen. As you know, daily fitness has a broad spectrum...and benefits us long past the actual workout(s).

  3. Like Judy, I'm not actively participating in your challenge, but that's because I always move, everyday. This is a great idea for people who need the motivation.

    1. The people who needed the motivation were the exact ones we were hoping to reach ;-) So far, so good!

  4. Thanks to you and Deborah for putting together this challenge. I think that many of us are looking for different ways to keep ourselves motivated during this time and this is a great option!

    1. It IS a trying time! I think fitness serves us well, not only physically bit emotionally. Plus, having a daily "distraction" from all the stuff happening, is a welcome change ;-)

  5. Great ideas! Just the other day I was thinking that I should get my jump rope out and use it. I mainly had been going to the gym for the treadmill since I was "afraid" of running outside for fear of falling again. Now, I have no choice but to run outside. :-) Thank you for linking up with us!

    1. ...and i have more fear running on a treadmill than outside because my form always feels compromised. I'm always worried I'm going too fast or too never feels "right."

  6. There is truly something for everyone on this list. The only thing that's changed with my fitness is that I keep a "to do" list at my desk of all the little things that I do throughout the day like pushups and planks and check them off my list when I do them. When I was in an office I couldn't just drop and do 10 pushups but at home I can take a pushup break whenever I want (or at least when I'm not on a video call lol).

    1. That's a great idea! I have so many different exercises I think of doing (the night before), and if I don't write them down...they usually are forgotten.

  7. I've been enjoying your challenge! Even though I do a formal workout almost every day, I've also been trying to get out for a walk when it's not raining. On my rest days I've been doing yoga or walking which has been a nice way to relax a little but still get in some activity.

    1. Thanks for joining us daily in the Challenge! I try to do some kind of a workout every day as well....some days are definitely much easier than others LOL

  8. My daily walks have been a really nice stress reliever at the end of the day. I am liking how the challenge pushes me to do something extra like that plus getting out of the house even for a short time is a gift. Great idea you had!

    1. I agree. I think doing something everyday is a great distraction to the current state, but also a nice "me time" thing.

  9. I've been hitting my 19 minutes with my daily walk, but I am also adding in PT and my 2 week core challenge as well. There's really no reason you can't get them in! It's been a brilliant challenge!

  10. Lots of great ideas here! I have been getting my 19 mins in every day, although not my cardio of choice (running of course!). I find it surprising how hard it is to get the same amount of sweat in other forms of activity. I miss a good sweat!

  11. These all look like great ideas. Well, except the burpees. :-) I've been enjoying the challenge simply because there are so many options.