Saturday, March 2, 2024

A Multiple Leap Week

There was a whole lotta leapin' going on this week.

Leap Day. Summer weather. Winter temps. Nonstop wind. Need I go on? 

Never a dull moment, and that's usually a good thing...

Before I dive into the deets from the week, welcome to the Weekly Run Down!

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Anyways, here's what went down, this past week, in my little "leaping" corner of the universe:

Up-&-at-it Sunday
There was lots happening, starting with this Wake UP The Legs Cardio Burner:
**30 flights double-stepped (moderate pace)
**10 flights single-stepped (fast!)
**10 flights triple-stepped (slow & steady)
*** 1-minute recovery, then repeat

Everything from the waist-down was burning (especially from those triples), the heart was a-pumpin' and I had a decent "glistening glow" when I finished. Later, there was a late-morning 3-mile walk in the sunshine, and a full moon 6-miler after nightfall (see below).

Never miss a Monday
The forecast was showing all kinds of good things happening after lunch, so I opted to get in some strength work in the early hours (chest & back and arms & shoulders, via Peloton).

Even though I'd had two busy days of  weekend running, there was no way I was missing a Monday run in the awesome weather. I saved my run for after work, kept it short and sweet (two miles), and it was euphorically fabulous in the summer-like weather! I even went for a 2-mile walk afterwards.

Taking it easy on Tuesday
The forecast was looking rather frigid for Wednesday, so I took advantage and got out for a 1.5-mile sunrise walk Tuesday morning. Wow, have I ever missed those early morning walks! Michele and I were able to get in two different 1-mile walks at work (mid-morning and mid-afternoon). By the time I left work for the day, the temps had dropped from mid-60F's to mid-40F's,and the wind had increased to 26mph. By the time I went to bed, the temps were sitting at 18F, with a -2F feels-like (courtesy of the 31mph wind). YUCK. 

Wild weather on Wednesday
Needless to say, we took a hard pass on a #5a5 (the -8F temps were a deal-breaker, call us crazy). Instead, I opted for a #10at6 (10 miles on the bike at 6:00), and did some upper-body strength and core  work. 

I did want to get a couple of miles logged, and the after-work 29F temps were much more bearable, even in the 12mph wind. Hard to believe I'd been in a tank top and shorts, two days prior, and the temps were almost 50-degrees warmer.

Thankful Thursday
It was still cold in the early hours when I met-up with Deb, so I kept it indoors on the bike (14 miles), and finished with a quick core workout afterwards. Check out the Leap Day Garmin badge, for doing a 29-minute workout! The day stayed windy, but sunny, so we got in our two 1-mile walks at work.

Low-key Friday fitness
Another 2-mile sunrise walk before work, and a 2-mile windy walk after. No big whoop.

A sunny & windy showdown for Saturday
The morning started with a slight sleep-in, and then a 2-mile walk in the crazy wind. Around noon, Barb and I departed town, Omaha-bound for the Leprechaun Chase 10K. The race was at 4:00, and I stalked the weather the entire 3-ish hour drive getting there. Thankfully, the 70F temps were warm, because the 21mph wind was brutal. This was my third time running this particular route, and it felt even hillier than I'd remembered. Not a PR, but a strong effort on a tough course with less-than-ideal conditions. I'm good with it. Stay tuned, race recap is forthcoming (hopefully Tuesday).

...and, what's happening on Sunday? 
The weather is looking warm (high-50's), sunny, and windy again (20mph #ugh). I might need to do some stair work in the wee hours, but I do plan to get outside for some sunrise walking afterwards. 

Overall, this week was decent, but oh-so-windy! Thankfully, we had bright sunshine on the daily. Running had 16+ miles, walking had 17, and biking had 34. My sleep was a little messed up this week, and my energy felt a bit compromised as a result. But, onward we keep moving and grooving.

In case you missed out, here's what went down on the blog:

In other news:

Friday Fashion Flair. I spy, with my little eye, capri-length pants! And hot pink! And cheetah print! And, most importantly, all kinds of sunshine! Yes, it felt like we were back to our regularly-scheduled seasonal weather, and knock-knock-knocking on spring's front door!

Another full moon run! I met-up with Allison and Barb for the February full moon run on Sunday evening. We had perfect weather (60F), a clear sky, lively conversation, and a feel-good pace. 

Speaking of leaps, I have a big "leap" in the works. This month has a lot of action, a little anxiety, and some big excitement happening...stay tuned! Oh, and the 2024 Week of Pi starts on Friday, March 8th. Anyone care to join me for some Pi day, a few days, or the entire week? I'll be running 3.14 miles every day, starting on Friday and ending on Thursday, March 14th...the National Day of Pi (and a certain someone's birthday). This is already the fifth year!

Alas, it was a busy and breezy week! All is well that ends well, for which I'm quite grateful. Onward!

How was your week? Any excitement on Leap Day? Have you been plagued with insane wind lately? Did you, by chance, get a sweet taste of summer? Any weekend races that need mentioned?

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  1. Nice job on the race this week - a 4 p.m. race start would kill me! (Not to mention that wind) and I can't believe it's almost Pi Week! I feel like it was just yesterday we were doing Pi Week last year. Time goes too fast. Happy almost birthday!

    1. The 4:00PM start time is tricky! Throw in a 3-hour drive to get there (stiff legs) and it really gets interesting!

  2. 3 hour drive for a 10? You are hard core.

    The theme of the week is crazy weather same here. Winter, spring, winter, spring.

    I almost ran a 10k yesterday but I knew I should run 12 to prepare for a half in 2 weeks.

  3. I echo what Melissa said--a late afternoon race would be tough for me! i know this one is a tradition for you. Congrats! And i wonder what weather the upcoming week will bring--it's sure been interesting, hasn't it?

    1. The weather has really kept us guessing. Never a dull moment...

  4. Wow 3 hour drive for a 10K! Good thing it was an afternoon race. Looks like you had fun and you were in shorts so that’s a bonus. the wind is always in full force this time of the year. Nice week for you!

    1. Of course I was in shorts, ha ha!! I'm loving these summer-ish temps!

  5. Congrats on your Leprechaun Chase 10K! I'm looking forward to reading all about it! Afternoon races are tough, though, so you get bonus points.

    We've had a few warm days, but nothing like your Monday. We don't have nearly as much wind as you do in Iowa, but we did have a tree in our backyard go down during Wednesday night's wind. Since it was dark when I headed out for our virtual workout, I didn't notice it until after we were finished.

    1. The wind has really been insane here...all winter, but especially the past couple of weeks, Ugh!!!

  6. OMG look at you in a tank top and shorts! And then bundled up a few days later.

    Yay on the 10K. I can’t imagine driving 3 hours for a race and then running the same day— my whole body would be so stiff!

  7. 70F! Wow, that's warm for early March. 4 pm is a tough time of day to race (I think) so well done, you!

  8. I'm pretty sure our "winter" is over- it's 80s for the foreseeable future, and then it will just be getting hotter! That's okay- we had a lot of really beautiful weather this winter.
    I agree with the other commenters that 4 pm is a difficult time for a race. But it sounds like it went well- I'm looking forward to the recap!
    At the gym today I was able to do the stair climber (woohoo!) and I thought about you. Maybe we were climbing at the same time.
    Sounds like you have an exciting month! I'm definitely hoping to join you in some Pi runs.

    1. Yay for the stair climbing! And, YES, do join me for some Pi ;-)

  9. We had crazy weather as well. I love that you can take walk breaks at your job! Love your socks you were wearing at your 10k. My youngest son’s birthday is the 14th as well!

    1. Oh, so you have a Pi baby ;-) I was a total math dork as a kid, so I would have loved having a "National Day" back then...

  10. I'm looking forward to hear what you have planned this month! Our local Shamrock race is an evening race, but it's all just a fun time so no worries on that. We are supposed to hit 74 degrees tomorrow. That will feel great!

    1. I wish we had a local St. Pat's race! There's one in Des Moines, I think, but it's nothing special. The Chase was so much fun when they hosted in in Des Moines!

  11. The pink and cheetah is too cute!

    It feels like we have all had major temperature swings. Ours are going warmer with every second. Ick.

    I always find it interesting that races have all different start times outside of where I live. We have a very select few that start in the afternoon or evening, but usually start times are between 7 and 8:30. We even have a half/full event where the half starts at 6:30AM!

    1. Most of our races are early morning as well. This one had a 10:00 start time when it was still in Des Moines, which was nice...late enough in the morning that the sun would be (somewhat) warm ;-)

  12. You did have some capricious weather - shorts and long sleeves in the same week. It's been warm and cold here too... and windy!

    I am excited to hear what's happening for you in March :)