Monday, March 18, 2024

Another Week of Pi - 2024 recap

Just like that, I was closing in on another trip around the sun. Time flies!

We all know what that means...another Week of Pi to commemorate the occasion. A week of daily lacing-up, weather stalking, and logging 3.14 miles every time I hit the street.

The Week of Pi Challenge first came to me in 2020. I had already been running 3.14 miles, every year, on my March 14th birthday. I wanted to up the celebration, though, at least in terms of fitness and fun. That particular year, my birthday was on a Saturday. It seemed only too perfect to start these daily 3.14-mile runs on the previous Sunday, leaving my birthday (seven days later) as the perfect grand finale.


Only, what started as a once and done ordeal has become an annual gig. This was (already) the fifth anniversary of this quirky birthday celebration for yours truly. 

Here's a brief recap of how each day of Pi-running played out this year:

Friday, March 8th...Day-1
Pace - 9:39
Splits - 9:32/9:30/9:53 /1:21 (the final .14)
With a busy day (and evening) on the calendar, the early morning was my only option for getting this first run done. Let's just say the weather app was a big fat liar, because the indicated "overcast" quickly turned to "light sprinkling" within the first 1/2-mile. The temps were comfortable, though, and the sprinkles weren't a torrential downpour, so all was fine.

Saturday, March 9th...Day-2
Pace - 9:36
Splits - 9:20/9:46/9:44/1:19 (the final .14)
Holy brrr, this was a chilly endeavor, with plenty of wind to do battle with. There's much to be said about a bright sunrise, though, to make the crazy weather bearable.

Sunday, March 10th...Day-3
Pace - 9:35
Splits - 9:37/9:37/9:32/1:17 (the final .14)
What can I say? Even with the time change, my legs were ready to go! The temps were chilly, but the sun was bright and the wind was MIA...what's not to love?

Monday, March 11th...Day-4
Pace - 9:55
Splits - 10:04/9:55/9:47/1:20 (the final .14)
Ugh, another windy endeavor...but check out those summer-like temps! Barb joined me for some post-workday running fun, and there was even money to be found!

Tuesday, March 12th...Day-5
Pace - 9:45
Splits - 9:46/10:00/9:35/1:20 (the final .14)
Another post-workday run, and another Pi run in shorts! Nothing monumental about this run, but the minimal wind was almost euphoric! The 68F temps felt like summer (cue the happy face).

Wednesday, March 13th...Day-6
Pace - 10:15
Splits - 10:05/10:41/10:09/1:46 (the final .14)
How about a Pi at 5 (instead of the usual #5at5)? Barb and Allison met me at the usual time. We altered our usual route slightly, allowing me to split-off just after the 2-mile mark (to head back home) while they continued on. We all got our allotted miles run, and I was reminded (yet again) how wonderful running friends are.

Thursday, March 14th...Day-7
Pace - 9:39
Splits - 9:57/9:29/9:38/1:20 (the final .14)
The forecast was looking very damp. There was a slight "dry" window of opportunity in the early hours, so I got out early and took advantage. The joke was on me, however, with hardly any rain actually showing for the day, LOL. Nonetheless, the grand finale went off without a hitch, so all was well.

All in all, this week of Pi-running went well. For the most part, the weather played nice (I was in shorts for four of the seven days!). My energy level felt good for most of the week. I made a concerted effort to run a different route each day, so that kept things interesting. And, I had the company of friends on a couple of the runs!

A few final thoughts...
***This mini 7-day run streak's timing is ideal. I'd run the Leprechaun Chase 10K almost two weeks prior (March 2nd), and my next event is the Fight for Air Climb (April 7th), so it doesn't interfere with any of my training.
***I know exactly how far I'm going to run every time I lace-up the shoes. There's no pressure (self-imposed or other, LOL) to do any kind of speedwork or run long on the weekend. 
***Although some of the days had faster-than-ideal paces, I try to run by feel. I've never been a slave to my Garmin, so this works well for the 7-day streak of Pi'ing.
***By Day-5 and Day-6, I could tell my body was feeling tired. When Day-7 arrived, though, I got my mojo back for the finale.
***This week really goes by fast! After the second day, I'm already just about a third of the way done, and almost halfway there by the next day.
***Lastly, we don't get to choose our birthday, so I'm glad this day chose me. The National Day of Pi is a perfect "fit" for me since I was a total math nerd in my younger years (I still am, actually).

Anyways, that's the 2024 edition of my Week of Pi running. 

Have you ever done a run based on your birthdate? Do you share your birthday with a National Day of something
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  1. Nice job on another round of pi week! 3 miles are just the right distance for a challenge like that. Not too strenuous or time-consuming, but still enough to be challenging.
    One day, when you have a round birthday, you will have to think of an extra-special challenge!

    1. Yes, the 3.14 distance is perfect for a streak such as this...not too far, yet far enough that a little bit of effort is needed to make it happen.

  2. I agree with Catrina- 3.14 is a perfect distance for a mini-streak. Having it fall in March does make the weather challenging- you never know what you'll get (although if it weren't in March it wouldn't be "pi", duh!) Anyway, nice job completing another Week of Pi, and I hope you had a great birthday!

    1. Somehow, every year, I forget how testy the March weather is! The wind has been insane this year...more than I ever remember.

  3. so awesome... you inspire me. Happy Birthday too!!

  4. Here's to another year of pi! Happy Birthday, and happy running!

  5. I absolutely love everything about this! And you did a great job keeping up with it! I was right there with you... except I kept going after my 3.14... I cant help it lol!


  6. I love your tradition of doing this on your birthday. It’s a great way to stay motivated and tie it into your birthday

    1. I just now feel compelled to keep doing it every year...

  7. Awesome job! This is such a fun tradition. Happy birthday and congrats on another week of Pi!

  8. Great job, Kim!. 314 is a great number for running. Mine is 1120 and no way will I run 11 miles for 7 days.

  9. Yay for this tradition and completing another week of pi! And happy birthday again! I used to run my age, but with a decimal because running 60-some miles is too far for me these days. The last few years I've ridden my bike equaling my birthday years, but I may go to kilometers eventually. LOL