Friday, March 29, 2024

My StressFessions Overfloweth...

Let's just cut right to the chase - this month's 'fessions are full-on stress-induced.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, but there's plenty on my plate that needs released. Are you ready? Buckle-up, this may be a bumpy ride to the 'fessional...

So, what's been happening?

Well, for starters, March has been quite the action-packed month in my little world. Let me stressfess that although I have been (almost) at my wits end, I have also been pretty impressed at just how much #ish I can handle without losing my mind. Selling a house (and buying another, all on ones own nonetheless) is not for the faint of heart. There also was a birthday thrown into the mix (and the Week of Pi antics). There have been days when I've dreaded checking my email (and texts) because of the nonstop correspondence from both realtors needing paperwork signed, inspections done and walkthroughs scheduled. Oh, and let's not forget sorting/organizing/packing 30+ years of stuff...all while working fulltime. As I said in my WRD, sleep is overrated and stress is my adrenaline, LOL.

boxes, boxes everywhere...

In addition to the current craziness in my life, I have to stressfess that Max has been beside himself. His favorite perch (the loveseat by the front window) was donated last week, so he's lost his main vantage point for supervising all the neighborhood happenings. Every time I've given him a treat, he'd run to the now missing loveseat, where he'd always eaten said treats before, only to return to the kitchen with a bewildered look on his face. There have been boxes piled up everywhere, leaving him (and the rest of us, LOL) a challenging labyrinth to navigate through our dwelling.

a storage tub acting as a temporary makeshift perch

Having started my running "hobby" while living at the Grinnell house for almost 22 years, that locale was all I've known in terms of training and just running for running's sake. I stressfess that I've had several out-of-body experiences in recent weeks. Each time I ran that dreaded hill at the base of my driveway or looped through the Grinnell College campus, there were some bittersweet revelations of the changes forthcoming. Knowing I will soon be venturing on new routes - in new-to-me neighborhoods - is a little scary, but also quite exciting. And, being on the edge of a major metropolitan area rewards me with all kinds of paved trails for running, walking, and biking, as well a much closer proximity to two of my kids. What's not to love about that?

a familiar backdrop, courtesy of Grinnell College

...and that oh-so-familiar mid-hill spot, at the base of my driveway

Another feels like my brain is running on empty. With all the details of setting up a new household (in a different city), I have become quite the list writer extraordinaire. Actually, keeping an extensive arsenal of lists seems to have increased my memory power. The act of writing something down helps reinforce its importance (but I am not about to give it up those lists just yet). 

This may seem rather trivial, and definitely first-world-problem-ish, but Momma N has not played very nice in the final days of my pre-move activity. There's been an excess of cold, wind and rain (intermittent, thankfully), and I stressfess it's been rather annoying. She even threw several clouds our way for this week's full moon run. Allison jokingly deemed it a "faux moon run," which was a perfect jolt of humor for us.

yes, that's another street light posing as the full moon

Anyways, life goes on, LOL. We cannot always control our circumstances, but we most definitely have 100% control how we deal with everything. I might add that a sense of humor is paramount when there's a little (or a lot of) stress happening.

Just a FYI, this post was drafted a few days early and is going live as the moving truck is being unloaded at the new place. The odds are quite good that I may be a bit busy and preoccupied, but will try to intermittently check-in and sneak a few blog-reads throughout the day. 

So, your turn! What would you bring to the 'fessional? Any stressfessions on your plate as well? 

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  1. I had no idea you were selling and buying a new house! Congrats on the house! I am over this weather too. It hasn't been consistent but it looks like warmer days are coming soon.

  2. That's a lot of stress! Mostly, we don't know when we're doing something for the last time (like the famous one when you don't know when it's the last time that you lift up your child).
    In your case, you get to honour that "last time". It's a nostalgic moment, but you are right, it's so exciting too! A future full of new adventures. I'm looking forward to seeing your new neighbourhood!

  3. Wow, Kim, you have been through a lot, but it sounds like the hardest parts are behind you? Good luck with the move today! Are you changing jobs or just commuting?

  4. Moving is stressful under the best of circumstances and I am sure your stress level is through the roof. Once you do get settled, I know you will have so many new and exciting opportunities coming your way. And sleep is not over rated, so I hope that you are able to get some soon. Good luck this weekend my friend

  5. Wow, that is REALLY stressful but also exciting, Kim!!! A new house! A new city! New running routes! I can't wait to hear all about it as you embark on new adventures. Good luck with everything- it does sound like that worst is behind you. Although getting unpacked in a new place is stressful as well. When we moved into this house (20 years ago) I thought I packed up a box so carefully, of everything we would need for the first day. But I forgot to put spoons in, so the first morning at breakfast we were eating cereal, one person with a baby spoon and the other with an ice cream scoop. We couldn't find anything else in the chaos! Have fun with it... and being closer to your kids will be amazing!

  6. Moving is both stressful and exciting! I hope the day went as smoothly as possible. Sending you celebratory hugs - can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. Congrats to you on your move. That is exciting!

  8. Kim, I am just so sorry you have to uproot and move. I am hoping this new beginning will bring lots of good things (and new, fun running adventures) in your life. I wish you nothing but happiness and good things ahead!

  9. Wishing you every happiness in your next adventure. And I hope that Max finds a new awesome spot to call his own. I can't imagine what you must be experiencing, but we are with you on the ride (or the run), and we are excited to see your new routes and all the new paths that rise to meet you! <3 <3 <3

  10. I'm late in commenting so you're in your new home by now with the worst behind you. But what you said...YOWZA MOVING IS A LOT. I've only had to deal with one sale transaction at a time - aka moving from an apartment to a house and then selling the house to move in with the Hubs. I can't imagine having to both buy and sell at the same time...double pain.

    Here is to the new adventure! What spot in the new house has Max claimed? Our puppy is starting to get more adventurous about exploring the house, but she always returns to the fireplace hearth that she claimed on her first day here.

  11. You have navigated this move on your own brilliantly! It must feel so good to have the stress of the move behind you and to be in the unpacking phase. I wish you so much happiness in your new home!

  12. Oh Kim, big hugs to you and all the best as you settle into your new home. So much change all at once definitely pushes one out of the comfort zone, but it'll all be worth it. Of course you can do it. You can and you DID!